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Tony Batman Eats: The Riva At The Navy Pier In Chicago

Chicago, IL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- When we first heard that we were going to have an Exxxotica Expo in Chicago we were excited for many reasons, one of them being that we know they have some great food in that city.

In our traditional manner the crew from the Screaming O booth and the Hotmovies.com booth got together for our Expo dinner as we do at every convention we do together so here is the report of the restaurant and food from the place that Charles Craton picked out for us after a hot tip from a friend of his…

This time we went to a seafood and steak place called the “Riva” at the famous Chicago Navy Pier.  As is also tradition we had to wait for Ron Jeremy to come out of somebody’s room at the hotel before we could all leave for the Riva, we are pretty used to it by now.

We had Charles and Sexy Suz from the Entice and Sexy Suz Adult Emporiums in North Georgia, Jesse from HotMovies.com, Our Midwest Photographer Ricky Rich, Myself, and of course the Legend Ron Jeremy with us. We got a cab from our hotel the the Navy Pier area it cost about 50 bucks for the ride, but we all chipped in, yes even Ron, and it was not much then..

The Riva Restaurant was scheduled to be closed by the time we got there but Charles was in phone contact with the GM of the place and they stayed open just for us to come and eat, OK they stayed open because were all famous and they want to say we ate there, ok, ok, they stayed open because they wanted to meet Ron Jeremy.

We all sat down and at a window table that had a beautiful view of the lake, the boats were all lit up and it was a really beautiful sight. Now this is a top of the line seafood place and they had fish on the bone that I have never even heard of, so to be safe I ordered the filet mushroom tri something.  It was one of best steaks I ever had. It came on a mushroom reduction and a balsamic sauce that was so good, I almost licked the plate just to get more of that…

As we always do when we go out with this group we ordered an appetizer platter, a little of their best for everyone, that was also awesome. We shared around the table, Charles and Suz got some kind of fish that they de boned at the table, the carcass looked like the fish bones you see in a cartoon, it was great. Ron got a lobster bisque and that was damn good too.

The GM came out and brought shots for all of us and then we all drank a toast, event our servers and table attendants, it was a lemon something, and it was really good.

Then he brought out a platter of samplings of all thier best deserts, the teramazzowas the best I’ve ever had, and the gelato that Ron got for us from the girls behind us,(the GM’s girl friend and her girlfriends) was the best I have tasted to.

After we finished we took pictures with everyone and then we were off to a pub in downtown Chicago called “Streeters” it was a very eclectic place and reminded me of a TV show pub. We were there because Charles and Jesse have this Ping Pong addiction and battle that we play out in every city we go to, but that is another story all in itself…..

Here are a few photos from our great dinner and pub crawl, ping pong playing night out in Chicago

NOTE: Click on the photos for a larger and downloadable version

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