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Tony Batman Eats: The Blue Collar Grill In Canoga Park, CA Or Is It?

Canoga Park,CA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  While we were in the Los Angeles area for the latest Exxxotica Expo, to do the award winning Screaming O Stage Show, a while back and our photographer, “Big Mike” asked us an off question.

“Hey you want to go eat at a place that has all the tastes of the East Coast down pat?” Sure we said we would like to see this happen, nothing against Los Angels food, it is very good but it has it’s own style and taste, its not Philadelphia, you don’t get a Chicago dog, pizza tastes way different, a Wisconsin brot?, forget about it….

When Big Mike drove us from the Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles,  to the much smaller area of Canoga Park,which is a part of the famed “Porn Valley” by the way, we thought he has gone a bit crazy since the last time we seen him. “Why are we driving all the way down here just to get a hoagie, a sub, a grinder, a sandwich?… You’ll see he tells us, its worth it, you just wait till your first bite.

We pull into a strip mall shopping center and park in front of the “Blue Collar Grill”, this is it I say?, Yep this is it, you are going to be very surprised once you go in…. Remember this is the same Big Mike that drove me to Mexico one night because he know the place that had the best tacos, we trust him now…

We walked in the Blue Collar Grill and instantly noticed the messages and and writings on the wall, normally when you see a place where everyone writes on the wall you see “Tom was Here”, “Steve Loves Jessica” things like that, but now at the Blue Collar Grill, here the messages said something very different, on the walls at the Blue Collar Grill in Canoga Park California you see phrases like; “Just like Home in Philly”, “Not Since I left Chicago, Have I had”, “Italian Beef for real Italians”… All of the notes on the wall were compliments on the food, and a reminiscing of East Coast transfers reminiscing about home food.

You can smell it as soon as you walk in, it smells real, the Philly Cheasesteak was perfect, authentic, onions and peppers sauteed to perfection, the cheese was just like that corner in Philadelphia that everyone knows about. Wow I say you were right again Big Mike, wait you cant be done, weren’t you born in the Chicago area? Yea I said, well try the dog…

I tasted the Chicago dog and guess what, tasted exactly the same as in Chicago…. Illinois… They had the same buns, meat, and best of all, the one thing no one has,…. They had the dark green relish at at one time in my life you could only get in the city of Chicago. They did not forget the little peppers on top either…

The guys at the Blue Collar Grill also make the best REAL cheeseburgers in the area, yes even better than that famous fast food burger place that the area is famous for, but I don’t want to go in and out on the comparisons here so I will just tell you that there is a burger that you will probably see on one of those cooking shows very soon, its too big for one person to eat, but I would try if I was not scheduled to be on stage in front of 20,000 people the next day.

They even combined the Philly they make and the burger they make for this over indulgent “Philly cheeseburger”, you need a day off if your going to order that, and don’t even get me started on the way the cheese fries tasted, let’s just call them addicting.

After all of that, I have to say that the things above were not even the best part of the Blue Collar Grill. The very best part of the place is the personalities of the owners who are also the cooks, and the waiters, and the story tellers, they were the best part of my meal, you just have to go there, it’s not even a choice, you HAVE to go there once, then you will be a regular like everyone else, like everyone in Philly, in Chicago, in New York, you will be one of US…

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The Blue Collar Grill is located at 20935 Vanowen Street Canoga Park,CA 91303

These guys are old school buy guess what they have a great website www.TheBlueCollarGrill.com

Give them a call 818-999-3647 and ask them to see what Tony Batman wrote on the wall, or go and see it yourself…

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  1. Wow. This is why I read your site. You found a place that’s just blocks for where we live and I had never heard of it. Thanks to you and Big Mike for the tip!

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