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Tony Batman Eats- Breakfast After The Deja Vu Down The Road On The 301

Brandon, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- Were just guessing here but we think everyone that has closed down a bar, club, or cabaret has found themselves at a table in a strange restaurant eating what we will call “breakfast” with the people you were out all night with.

The few days ago, this is exactly what happened to us,again, as we did an Emcee gig at the Deja Vu Gentlemens Club in Tampa Florida. This place closes at 6 in the morning, just like the hip hop song says and that is technically “Breakfast” time, but we were just leaving the club, so would that be Dinner? because we were going to sleep after we ate, there should be a name for after bar nights meal, Maybe it should be called After Club Fast-unch-er? You tell us what you call it.

Anyway we found our selves leaving and the GM of the club, Ice says, we should go over the place with the good grits. (Can you tell we are way deep in the south). Then the night manager Mark affirms the thought saying, oh yea they have some good southern cooking breakfast there. After that we had to go, if only to show you here in the Tony Batman Eats column.

About an our later and a few miles away from the Deja Vu Club . Ice, Mark, DJ Gabe and myself end up at the 301 Family Restaurant. As I write this I am still sweating out that meal, not sure if it was the 10 pounds of salt the country ham steak had in it, or the fat content of the country biscuits and gravy,..see biscuits and gravy, maybe it was the fact that is was 8AM and we had not made it home yet from the club. Maybe I am having sympathy pains after watching Ice order the same thing but add salt to his meal for 2 minuets, we just can’t tell…

We will have to say the food tasted good, it was real country and that is we expected. Our waitress, lets call her gum chewing Flo, was as southern country typical as you could close your eyes and imagine from your memory of Flo the waitress from television, she sure turned on that smile when she walked by too..” How Y’all doing?” She asked several times, and lots of  “Sure Sugar” to go with that ….

So the next time you close down the club, be sure to stop and have Fast-unch-er at a place you normally wouldn’t go, how do you think Denny’s got so famous? Fast-unch-er!

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