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What Did Jay-Z Say To Solange Knowles?

New York – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – We have no idea but the buzz is all a buzz about the video that allegedly caught Solange going after Jay Z in an elevator with a woman scorned type of anger, not that we, or anyone else really knows what happened just moments before but we are sure about one ... Read More »

The Playmates Club In Miami, Florida Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary Tonight With Big Party

Anniversary Party Playmates Club

Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – The Playmates Club of Miami, Florida is celebrating its 6th Year Anniversary TONIGHT. The top ranked South Florida Adult Night Club will have prizes, drink specials, dance specials and more all night long during the 6 year anniversary special. DJ Pierre Amador will emcee the event, giving away prizes and calling specials ... Read More »

Not Only Is It The Anniversary Of The Tony Batman Talk Show, But It’s The State Of Florida’s Anniversary Too

Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News –  We are proud to announce the one year anniversary of the Tony Batman Talk Show on the Planet Platypus Network, but when we found out someone was having a 169th Anniversary, we had to throw them in the story with the show….. Happy Anniversary to the State of Florida!!!  Florida became the ... Read More »