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2013 Ultra Music Festival – Live Feed Video, Last Day To Watch Here

Miami, FL – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – If you not in Miami right now for the 2013 Ultra Music Festival finale, then just click here and watch the live stream to the main stage, until 11:00pm EST Tonight…..  At least you can feel like your there…. See Video Stream Below……   ______________________________________________________ Posted on www.AentertainmentNews.com  & www.PlanetPlatypus.com We give ... Read More »

The Dirty 30 Show- International DJ Markie Mark, A Foiled Robbery, And The Dork Knight Returns

Richmond, VA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – On this latest episode of The Dirty 30 Show on the Planet Platypus Network, host Alec Lepper and his brother Eric have on International Strip Club DJ Markie Mark who currently resides at the Crazyhorse III in Las Vegas Nevada. Markie Mark answers questions about his upcoming celebrity roast that will take ... Read More »

The Ham Radio Show- Porn Star Nikki Delano And The Pope?

New York- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- In this episode of the Ham Radio Show, the guys have on the sexy adult star Nikki Delano, who we are very familiar with here at the A Entertainment News. Hammy, Billy, and Uncle Eddie take on such subjects as the new Pope, “Pope Tony Montana”  Mayor Bloomberg has a new idea for ... Read More »

Special “The DJ Roundtable” Segment Discussing The State Of Strip Club DJ’s In The Industry

Ft Lauderdale, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  A DJ Round Table covering adult nightclub topics. Mike Valentine, Tony Batman, Richard Gonzo Soligny, D.j. Platypus, DjJohnny Walker, Pierre Amador cover topics with DjBobby Mac as our moderator. How do new strip clubs DJ’s make mistakes? How does dealing with your exotic dancers relate to your success? What music do you ... Read More »