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General Mills Brings Back French Toast Crunch After Years Of Protests And A Complaint By The Tony Batman Talk Show-NPO

Minneapolis, Minn – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – After years of public outcry and the possibility of a Holiday Season protest march on Minnesota the General Mills food company has announced that the very tasty and morning sugar fix ladened breakfast cereal “French Toast Crunch” will be back in production to fill the demand of hungry Americans.  The lobbying ... Read More »

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America, We Have Been To All 10

Cyberworld – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News –  Well the list is out and the top 10 most dangerous cities in America looks very familiar to us.  Good Housekeeping compiled the list, with help from the FBI we believe. The funny part of the story, if there is a funny in this story, is the fact that our own A ... Read More »

“On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone” , Simone Danalustrous Gets National Press At Day Of The Dead Festival, Appearing At Monroe’s November 13-15

Los Angeles, CA – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – A long time ago we were taught, be camera ready wherever you go and act like a star at all times because you just never know what opportunity your going to bump into.  Our A Entertainment Girl Simone Danalustrous must have heard this same advice because while she was at ... Read More »

Gene Ross NPO Football Pool Week 10 Picks – Who Will Win Or Loose, Can Platypus Repeat In Week 10, Who Likes Sausage

Miami, FL – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News –  Tonight starts week #10 of the Gene Ross NPO Football Pool and the NFL Season as well. A bitter and historic interstate rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. The race for #1 and the season trophy is still lead by Dave from ED Publications, but several picker are ... Read More »

Drew Carey Pledges 10K Reward To Find Ohio Bullies That Poured Urine On Autistic Kid During Ice Bucket Challenge

Bay Village, OH – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News –  Everyone is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Gentlemens Club Industry has the Bill Love Challenge,  good clean fun to raise money for great charities. Something went very wrong in Bay Village Ohio the other day when a group of teens played a trick on an a young autistic boy ... Read More »