The Ham Radio Show – Guest Sex Therapist, Sex Educator, Author Dr. Debra Laino

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Staten Island, NY – Planet Platypus Network – In this episode of the Ham Radio Show , the self proclaimed “Uncrowned Kings Of Reality Radio” bring on Dr. Debra Laino to talk about fetishes, specifically Coprofilia & Pedophilia, and new tricks for men to hold their orgasm longer…and of course the usual circus of news topics and dirty banter that you come to expect from Uncle Eddie and the Crew.

The boys traverse the Blizzard of 2013 to bring us another offensive-yet –we-can’t-turn-it-off “Totally Tasteless Tuesday” podcast – except Hammy who crashed into a poll while wearing clown pajamas and drove back home in shame.

Q&A of the Day: Do you think that pretty people that have it easier? Uncle Eddie insists that the HAM radio show is not on XM because nobody on the cast is attractive or marketable. They run down a list of examples: Presidential races, but the Susan Boyle factor throws Uncle Eddie off and he has to defend his point. He points out that Tila Tequila who wrote a Blog called “Why I Sympathize with Hitler Pt 1” has not gotten more flack about it because she is hot.

Raw Sex with Dr Debra Laino

The one thing that Uncle Eddie wants to get down to the bottom of is what is the motivation behind urinating and defecating on your partner during sex?  He calls Dr. Laino, only to not get an answer so he leaves a message impersonating a Mexican restaurant chef that is guaranteed to make her staff roll on the ground laughing. And she calls back asking for “Miguel” who got his penis stuck in the taco machine.

Eddie worked on his Kegal muscles but he still cums too quickly. So Dr Laino gives him more advice such as masturbation tricks, realizing one’s point of no return, and others. Eddie admits he has a sex addiction and more specifically a masturbation obsession. Dr Laino points out that there is a theory that premature ejaculation is caused by too much masturbation.

They ask her if a straight man gets a blow job and gets and erection does he have latent homosexual tendencies? Her answer will surprise you. Joe insists he will not, but the rest of the studio says he will enjoy it. Uncle Eddie has had hard-ons at funerals and could have one if the corpse was done up right but draws the line at mommy porn, and urine and fecal fetish.

Dr Laino says golden showers are very common. But she hesitates from giving an exact reason as to why in general people enjoy these fetishes. Some people like degrading others by shitting on them.  Everyone agrees that Two Girls One Cup is disgusting.  “Coprophilia”. On Pedophilia various theories say it could be a craving disorder like alcohol, others say it could be an orientation disorder like heterosexuality. She clarifies that pedophilia is fantasizing about prepubescent children, Ephebophilia is for teenage kids. Dr Laino’s site is

Other segments included: 1) In the WTF Newsroom – Radio show host Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels cannot pay his ex wife child support.  He has a nine year old with Mary Sliwa. 2) Uncle Eddie was preparing for to be on the  All Out Show on Sirius next day. 3) Chris Esposito the Pigskin Profit on football predictions.

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