The Once Revolutionary Cassette Tape Turns 50 Years Old Today

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We are not sure here at the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News, if its a good or an old thing that we had a big double case of cassette tapes growing up. After seeing it was the 50th anniversary of the Cassette Tape, we began to reminisce about how we got most of ours, Columbia Records and BMI Music Club Memberships.  “Just purchase 3 more in the next 2 years and you get 14 for free”…… Read Much more about the cassette tape’s birthday below

From – Forget the MP3 player, or even the Walkman — the real instigator of the portable audio revolution is the compact cassette, which just marked its 50th birthday. Philips formally launched the format on September 13th, 1963, bringing recorded sound to a truly portable (and more accessible) form factor. The technology didn’t just kickstart the markets for media players, field recorders and boomboxes; it led to bootlegs, mixtapes and other ways to shake up the audio status quo. The cassette has largely disappeared outside of nostalgic reissues and transforming robot toys, but its effects are still visible after half a century of progress.

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