Tales From Tony Batman Show- The Grand Prix Of Exotic Dance And Reason # 345 Why Airlines Suck These Days

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Los Angeles, CA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- In this very angry episode of the Tales From Tony Batman Show,  Host Tony Batman is joined by Jim and Raven from Striptaculous.com as they talk about Batman’s experience hosting the first ever “Grand Prix of Exotic Dance” Competition at the On The Border Gentlemens Club in the suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The competition is a brainchild of the people at Skindustry Productions, and pits several different styles of exotic dance against each other in a winner take all type of show.

There was a  Princess and Queen Divisions to break up the more experienced and newer dancers, but besides that its, pole dancers vs burlesque dancers, vs belly dancers, vs showgirls…

Cassandra Jane, Anna Aliese, Sondra Saxon, Natasha Vega, Koyotee Von Diva, Mia Moore, Phoenix Phires, Viva Le Muearta, Jenna Belle, Artamis Moon are the names of the competitors we can remember.  Keep in mind that the On The Border Club is one of Batman’s favorite places to hosts show, AND drink vodka….

Then the show goes off the deep end as Tony Batman once again begins to explain how this simple trip from Miami Florida to Milwaukee Wisconsin, was just crap. Then you get to hear how much the airlines suck again, and how they mad him run from one end of the airport to the other just to tell him he missed his connection. If you do not remember the ultimate airport blow up story from a couple years ago, that’s OK, this one is much better and more messed up..

Grand Prix 1st Day60

We hope you enjoy the show and once again, screw you unnamed bad customer service airline…


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