The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes Of All Time- Just Improvise

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Ever wonder, how much of an actors lines are written to a T and how much is improvised to show their “spur of the moment” talents? Well Screen Rant has ranked the top 32 greatest unscripted scenes of all time, according to them….. See Much More Below
On the Web- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- from - Much to the dismay of screenwriters, movies scripts aren’t always set in stone. They are often like living objects constantly evolving during the filming process. Some films, like Jaws and Annie Hall, don’t even have a finished script when the cameras start to roll.

Actors and actresses are regularly ad libbing, improvising or going off-script while reciting their lines. Sometimes the directors hate it – other times they love it. Occasionally the improved lines become immortalized as some of the most memorable in cinema history.

Check out these 32 great unscripted scenes – you may be surprised at how many of your favorite lines were off-the-cuff.


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