Planet Platypus Show- Farrah Frost & Nakita Kash Talk About The Uproar Over The South Florida Show, You Want The Truth?

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Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News  – In this latests episode of the Planet Platypus Show the crew tries to clear up a huge controversy that has been all over the Exotic Dance and Pole Dance Industries in the past week.  The show takes on the subject of why Pole Dancer Farrah Frost who recently won the title of 2013 Miss Pole Champ USA at the finals that were held in South Florida inside the Exxxotica Expo, and followed that win by commenting on social media how displeased she was with the contest.

After Farrah Frost tells us why she did that, and how things are going for her now, DJ Platypus, Bobby Mac, Johnny Walker, and Amber Yeisley ask her a few questions about her statements. Do things get heated, well that all depends on who you ask, you listen and tell us if you think it was a fair interview.

The Planet Platypus Show then has on Nakita Kash who is the owner and coordinator of the Miss Pole Champ USA Competition series. Nakita tells us why she thinks this can all be handled with a simple phone call.  Platypus asks about why this may have happened and if this might affect Farrah’s future bookings?  One of Nakita’s responses was the fact that in all of her years running this contest that she has never experienced a “Sore Winner” who complains about winning?  You really have to listen to the whole shot to get the real feel of what happened. Believe this, it ALL came out on the show.

Bobby Mac then reads the Strip Club Industry News for the week, and some funny antics ensue after the topics of the news are presented

There is a parody song, well commercial if you will for the “DJ Casanova Dubstep Home Security System”  that you just don’t want to miss.

Platypus, Johnny Walker, Tony Batman, and Amber Yeisley tell ALL about an event that happened a few night before the show. Apparently DJ John Hardin, who works at the Tootsie’s Cabaret, got into DJ Platypus’s lap top at work and began to post strange posts on Platypus ‘s Facebook account. Hardin, pretending to be Platypus, said things that were outrageous and crazy and the public thought is was Platypus doing this. After being caught red handed, Platypus told Hardin not to do that again and that he would get him back for this.  A couple nights ago as DJ John Hardin was hard at work inside the Tootsie’s Cabaret Entertainment Complex, a team of Planet Platypus members and associates located Hardin’s car in the parking garage, gained entry into the vehicle, and proceeded to fill the interior, (including the trunk), with foam packing peanuts. After that was complete the team Bubble Wrapped all exposed areas of the car, including the interior, seats, steering wheel, gear shift and dashboard. After resting for a moment the Planet Platypus team then finished the car with 2, yes 2 full professional packing rolls of plastic packing plastic roll tape. After making sure the car was completely air tight, so just in case, lets say a lift truck accidentally dropped in the swimming pool,  the team then took pictures of their handy wrap work and left the garage for the night never to return.

Listen to the Planet Platypus Show Below:


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