Geek Talk Radio – Episode 2 – The Undercover Unit In Miami Florida

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Geek Talk Radio - Episode 2

Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News  -  In this second ever episode of the new “Geek Talk Radio” Show on the Planet Platypus Network, host Bobby Mac has on the people who are bringing you the ultimate video game experience, Live…. The Undercover Unit crew.

Have you ever wanted to play a video game IN REAL LIFE?? The ULTIMATE video game experience with LIVE AMMUNITION, GUNS, GRENADES, ZOMBIES, MUSIC, LIGHTING, ACTORS, in a full scale 18,000 sq ft full action interactive indoor set ?!?!?!  ~ WELL NOW YOU CAN !!!
 - The UNDERCOVER UNIT in Miami is handing you your DREAM SCENARIO in a fully trained multiple person Airsoft Rifle Squad Unit Rescue Operation !! – We got Tony & Jennifer the owners of the company to come in studio to tell us ALL ABOUT IT !! – PLUS hear from one of the actors Danny Gonzalez about what it’s like live on set for one of the coolest live play scenarios ever constructed !!!
PLUS – MAN OF STEEL EASTER EGGS !! – Tune in and hear some of the cool things to keep your eyes peeled for in the upcoming Superman film that just might elude to the hopes of which JLA members could be living in Superman’s city !!!
ALSO – The AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 CAST SPOILERS – can you say SINISTER 6 ?!?!? – Well we have a few you might want to hear…
Listen to the Geek Talk Radio Show Below:

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We give props to our sponsors the  2001 Live AEBN Network, The Strip Mall, Skindustry Contests, and Xpeeps Live, we are thankful to have such great companies on tour with us

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