The Galaxy Is A Buzz About The Strip Scene In The New Star Trek Into Darkness Movie

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Star Trek Strip Scene

Are they selling the new Star Trek Movie, “Star Trek Into Darkness” with easy sexy tricks? The Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News, hops so, because as we all know “Sex Sells” and by the way, we are in the sexy news business, so were all for it….. Read About the stripping lingerie scene below………

From – Women of America – particularly female “Star Trek” fans – co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof has something to say to you: There was no practical reason for Alice Eve to appear in her lingerie in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and he’s sorry for that.

Monday night, Damon Lindelof, best known as the co-creator of TV’s “Lost,” took to his Twitter account to address the controversy that had been buzzing among a group of online commentators: Why does Alice Eve’s character, gifted scientist Dr. Carol Marcus, strip down to her very special-occasion-looking bra and undies on camera before changing into a special armored space suit? The scene seemed designed to give fanboys in the audience a charge, and it did little to advance the plot.

Indeed it was a scene that could have been much more revelatory for Dr. Marcus and Captain Kirk’s historic chemistry. Audiences found out in 1982′s “Wrath of Khan,”that the two had a lovechild, after all.

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