Mike South And Gene Ross Are Talking Again -This Time It’s The Truth In The Numbers

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It seems two of our  friends in the adult gossip business are talking to each other again, Gene Ross from the Adult FYI website and Mike South from, well, MikeSouth.com, have been exchanging words about popularity of adult news websites.  We are very happy that they brought this up because we have wanted to talk about this for a while now.  South said something to the effect that the gossip sites in adult are fading away or something like that. Ross then went and pulled the numbers from the traffic ranking site Alexa.com and posted them in sort of a rebuttal.  We all have different sounds coming from our tooting horns, and that a good thing because, otherwise all the toots would sound the same and that would be really boring.

Gene Ross wrote the first ever article about us when we moved out operation to Los Angeles, we have much respect for him, and would have a drink with him any day.  Mike South shot the first adult movie scene we ever did, it was even nominated for and AVN Award that same year, we still like the guy no matter what he says about us, although the strip club thing was a little stinging, still we love the guy for being who he is like it or not.

There is one thing though, the A Entertainment News was not listed, nor was AVN or Xbiz. So we figured we would add those numbers to the popularity contest, since thats the way an on line business makes its mark in the world.  Look below for the full set of rankings and numbers.

TonyBatman.com:  5,932
Xbiz.com:  7,772
AVN.com:  8,296

From Gene Ross and AdultFYI.com – Here’s the results. I believe the lower your number, the better the ranking, but what do I know:

Adultfyi.com: 12,812
MikeSouth.com: 15,470
LukeisBack.com: 22,969
The RealPornWikiLeaks: 31,456
Xcritic.com: 34,206
Lukeford.com: 61,736
RogReviews.com: 84,769
Tattle.xxx: 271,183
XXX Wasteland: 441,012
Porn Valley News.com 2,693,467

Could this really be true? We like when people look up the facts in situations like this, the Alexa.com  rankings listed above are for a 3 month average of rank, number 1 being the best, and for traffic/readers/listeners coming from right here within the glorious United States of America.


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