The Planet Platypus Show- ACE National Leader, Book Author, And Cannes Attendee, Angelina Spencer

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Angelina Spencer on Planet Platypus6

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – In this episode of the popular Planet Platypus Radio Show, hosts DJ Platypus, Bobby Mac(Mr.Voice), Johnny Walker, and Amber Yeisley have on the incredible Angelina Spencer who for many years now has been the leader of the ACE National Organization, and has now authored a book that might be the next Strip Club themes movie you see on the big screen.

Angelina Spenser talks about the rights of Americans and of Strip Club Owners, workers, and customers.  She tells about her history in the adult industry and how she herself was once a dancer, ( Yes we asked, her dancer name was “Blaze”). Spencer also run a company in Washington DC called Empowerment Enterprises which helps businesses fight for their constitutional rights as Americans. Her family joins her in the Planet Platypus Studios, and the show is packed full of great information. Angelina makes a big announcement on the show for the public to hear for the first time, She is going to be involved in the Cannes Film Festival in France and will be leaving in a few days.

Mr. Voice does the Weekly News, and the subject of Internet Haters comes up when the Exotic Dancer Awards Pre Nominations are talked about, Keyboard Heroes, are what they are called. Some one under a fake name, (JustME) went on the ED Publications, website and bashed the Planet own DJ Platypus for getting a pre nomination for the Exotic Dancer Awards “DJ of the Year”.  Blaze, (Angelina Spencer) commented that when “Blazing ” a new trail in ANY industry, there are going to be naysayers, doubters, and people that just don’t understand the big picture of your efforts. The right thing to do is just keep going foreword and never look b


Another great show from the Planet Platypus crew, and a very informative one as well.

Listen to the Planet Platypus Show Below:


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