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Natasha Vega

Our friends and Xtreme Magazine in the North East did a great interviews with Award Winning Feature Entertainer, Adult Movie Performer, and A Entertainment Girl Natasha Vega. The Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News is happy to bring you that interview, which you can read below….  See The Xtreme Natasha Vegas Interview Below.

By Paulie K, Photos courtesy of Natasha Vega

An Italian girl, who has basically lived all over the east coast, has finally found her home somewhere in CaliforniaNatasha Vega is mostly known as a Feature Dancer, but she does some porn too.  She is known for her beautiful green eyes, her big fake tits and her almost legendary lap dances.  Guys if you happen to go to a club where Natasha Vega is feature dancing in, you must get a lap dance, this girl absolutely makes it worth your money, just read on to know what I’m talking about.

PAULIEK: Natasha thank you for talking to me today.  Let me start off with a quick question, because I know a thing or two about strippers. Have you banged a lot of rock stars.

NATASHA VEGA: Um, no one too big, no one too famous.

PK: Did you bang David Lee Roth?

NATASHA VEGA:  No I wish I did.  If I had the chance, I would.

PK: I bet you would.  Now tell us your story.

NATASHA VEGA: I grew up in New Jersey, got into some trouble, moved to Maryland.  That’s where I went to college, then moved to West Virginia when I was 19.  I hated it there, did not fit in.  Everyone wanted to go fishing and hunting and it was just not my thing.  So I moved to Kentucky.  I started dancing when I was 19.

PK: Why did you start dancing?

NATASHA VEGA: I used to be a ballerina, I loved doing gymnastics, and I needed some money.  I was always working around clubs and bars, and I was a Shooter Girl.

PK: You were a Shooter Girl?!  I love those girls!  Did you give any guys free BJ’s in the bathroom?

NATASHA VEGA: Um, I’m trying to think – I know I have, but I dunno if it was when I was a Shooter Girl.

PK: Every guy’s fantasy is to do a Shooter Girl.

NATASHA VEGA: There were so many guys – I just didn’t keep track.  I’ll say most likely, I did.

PK: What attracts you to a guy?

NATASHA VEGA: As far as personality goes, I like someone who is sweet and also a little bit of a bad boy.  They have to be funny too. As far as looks go, I don’t have a particular type, just tall and in shape.  The rest is different with every guy, just as long as he is tall and in shape.

PK: So if you are walking around the bar, with shots, what can I guy do or say to get you in the back room?

NATASHA VEGA: Jut say the right thing.

PK: Well what’s the right thing for you?  “Hey baby I love your tits.”  Would that do it?

NATASHA VEGA: No, it’s not that easy.  I would have to just tell the guy to come on over, I dunno.

PK: So you started dancing and then moved into porn?

NATASHA VEGA: I actually did porn first and then got into dancing.  I would meet the dancers and hang out with them and go back to their hotel and hang out and everything.  One of these girls was a porn star and we were kind of dating, and she got me into porn.

PK: So you are a bi-sexual.

NATASHA VEGA: Oh yes, I love women.  I have a soft spot for women, I think they are sexy and I love them.

PK: What’s the first thing you do when get a women in your bed?

NATASHA VEGA: I love lots of kissing to start things off.

PK: Do you slip any tongue in there?

NATASHA VEGA: Of course, you have to, it’s no fun if you don’t.

PK: Of course, she says!!  Then what happens, do your hands start to wander?

NATASHA VEGA: Yup, then I work my way down to her boobs.

PK: What kind of boobs do you like?

NATASHA VEGA: I like big fake boobs.  Big, huge fake titties drive me crazy, I love them.

PK: So you like the typical porn star with the big huge fake knockers.

NATASHA VEGA: Yes, yes, yes.

PK: Wow your getting excited just thinking about them, aren’t you.

NATASHA VEGA: I love them, but honestly, I’m more of an ass girl.

PK: Oh so you turn her around and eat her ass?

NATASHA VEGA: I love it.  I love grabbing a chick’s ass.  I love a big ass.

PK: Do you bend her over the bed or get her on all fours?

NATASHA VEGA: You can’t, you have to have her stand.  It’s more plump and fat that way.

PK: Like a mechanic working on a car!  You climb under there and go to town?

NATASHA VEGA: Oh yes, why not?  I love it.  It gets nice and plump that way.

PK: Do you finger them too?

NATASHA VEGA: I feel like fingering really doesn’t do much, I’d rather us just eat each other out.

PK: So you love 69‘ers?

NATASHA VEGA: Yes, I love being on the bottom of a 69 with a beautiful big fake tit girl.  I don’t wanna feel like I’m smothering her with my ass.

PK: Well your tits are huge, how big are they?


PK: Good lord, that could certainly smother a person to death.

NATASHA VEGA: I love them, I got them a year ago.  Girls go crazy over them.

PK: Do you let girls touch them?

NATASHA VEGA: Oh all the time.  I tell them go ahead, massage them, do whatever you want.  Now everyone is after my tits all the time.  I love when they feel them.

PK: Do you enjoy getting titty-fucked?

NATASHA VEGA: I do it a lot in my films, but it’s not something that turns me on.  It doesn’t do anything for me, but I don’t mind doing it.

PK: Do you enjoy blowjobs?

NATASHA VEGA: I’m kind of lazy when it comes to men.  I just want to get down to business.  I don’t want my jaw to start hurting or anything.  I love to just go after it and get it done.  I love to please.

PK: Do you enjoy it when he comes in your mouth or on your tits.

NATASHA VEGA: Not in my mouth, or on my face, that’s my money maker.  If I have to, then just around the mouth.  No hair, no face, just mouth or tits please.

PK: So do you orgasm easier with a girl or with a guy?

NATASHA VEGA: I get off clitorally with masturbation the best.  I don’t get off much having sex with a woman, but I really enjoy getting her off, and her beauty.  I get off better with a man.  With a man, it’s his turn to get me off.

PK: What can a guy do to get you off?

NATASHA VEGA: I call it finger banging, but it’s not when the fingers go inside of me, it’s just when he rubs my clit really hard – like really hard while he’s banging me.  It needs a lot of pressure.

PK: You press his hand down on it and make him rub it hard.

NATASHA VEGA:  Yes, exactly, and he has to bang the shit out of me.

PK: Like wild, crazy banging?

NATASHA VEGA: Oh God yes, he has to go to town and fuck me hard.  Hard and fast, I mean he really has to pound me.

PK: None of this slow and sensual crap.

NATASHA VEGA: No way, I need a guy to rub my clit fast and hard while he bangs the crap out of me.

PK: I see.

NATASHA VEGA: That’s how I orgasm, what can I tell you.

PK: I think you’ve told me enough, honestly.

NATASHA VEGA: If we are gonna do it, let’s do it.  Whip it out and shut up.

PK: Are you a size queen with cocks?

NATASHA VEGA: Actually, I don’t like it that big, that hurts me.  Some of the guys I get booked with I never shot with before, so I had no idea they were that big.  I mean, I almost cried in one scene because it’s not like I can get them to back out, you know?  I prefer a normal size dick.  I prefer a good normal size because I love it hard and fast and you can’t do that with a huge cock.  Guys with normal cocks are like Jackrabbits.  They go fast and hard and it feels amazing.  Big dicks can’t do that, so it’s not something that I prefer.  They could hurt you too, they bruise your insides.  I love rough sex, and a guy with a huge cock can’t do that, so I prefer normal dicks.

PK: Since this is a dancing magazine, let’s talk about your lap dances.  Have you ever made guys jizz in their pants?

NATASHA VEGA: Oh my god yes.  Yes. I hate that shit.

PK: You hate it?

NATASHA VEGA: At work, I’m at work.  I’m not interested in all these guys, and it gets really warm right there, and your rubbing your ass in their wet spot.  If they have something thin on, you can see it and feel it shoot through the fabric.  Ugh, it’s gross.

PK: When they jizz, you stop touching them.  Your job is done.  Touchdown.  Spike the ball and leave.

NATASHA VEGA: Yea but I don’t realize it, and then I keep feeling something wet and you don’t ever really expect it.

PK: They don’t moan or shake or anything?  I know when I drop my two drops of cum I’m shaking and I’m groaning like crazy.

NATASHA VEGA: There was this one guy I always took into VIP and he would moan and groan and grab on to stuff each time I danced for him.  Then one day he did the same thing, got all excited and jizzed in his pants!  I didn’t think anything of it because I was used to him doing all that stuff.  I get up and see it’s wet and walked out of there.

PK: Ugh, that is not good.  You must grind it really hard on their cocks when you dance.

NATASHA VEGA: Pretty much, yea.  I like to be good at what I do.

PK: Can they touch?

NATASHA VEGA: As long as your not like, grabbing me or squeezing my tits hard, it’s ok.  You can touch, just do it gently.

PK: Your tits are like huge torpedoes, they are gorgeous.

NATASHA VEGA: Thank you.

PK: No thank you, and thank you for talking to me today.

NATASHA VEGA: It was fun, thanks Paulie K, come down and see me dance, the schedule should in this mag somewhere or on their website.

PK: I will, I want to get one of these lap dances from you.

Do you not love her lapdance stories?  Wow, I am seriously going to go see her and get a few dances.  My goodness.  She is Natasha Vega and she will grinding in a club near you soon, believe it.


Guys if you want to oogle more over Natasha and her torpedo tits, you can see her at NatashaVegaxxx.com,   NatashaVega.triplex on Facebook, and @NatashVegaxxx on Twitter.


s for me, you can tweet me @Pauliek2003, and visit Pauliek.net for all my podcasts and audio interviews of these lovely ladies.  See ya.

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