What’s In Planet Platypus Network Studios Refrigerator? Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

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Planet Refrierator


Anyone that has worked in and office, a corporate setting or just a place with a break room where everyone eats at least one meal while at work, knows that there is something very telling about the company refrigerator. Inside the people that work at a company bring in their personal favorite foods, drinks, condiments, or maybe even something strange or out of the ordinary,

We recently opened the door to the refrigerator in the new Planet Platypus Network Studios and we gazed at all the items for a while, we looked in the fridge for about 2 or 3 minuets, you know the way, when you get up out of nowhere because your board, or you just woke up in the middle of the night, and you stumble to the kitchen, open the door to the refrigerator, and just stare in, wanting for nothing, just opening the refrigerator door because it’s sort of an entertainment. You watch the little light come on when the door opens. It’s like a warm glowing welcome to the show, now what can we get ya tonight?

Your looking inside the refrigerator, formally known as the Ice Box, and making a slight emotional connection to everything you see in there, remembering when you put that Styrofoam leftovers box on the bottom shelf, but not quite remembering what day that was or when you originally ate that meal, you start to daydream back in time remembering who you were with that night, why you ordered the steamed vegetables, and saved them, even thought you know you are never going to eat them.

Here we are at the Planet Platypus Network Studios refrigerator, its about 10pm, we are still there and will be there for 3 more hours, you know midnight in Miami Florida is 9pm in Los Angeles and when everyone feels like talking over there on the left coast. We open the door and peer inside just like you would for no reason at home, only this refrigerator is not in your home its in the studio, a studio and dozens of people use a day. Guest on the radio shows even go in the refrigerator and “grab what you want”, yes even if that “what they want” is your favorite orange crème soda that took you a year to find, or a hot sauce that that you found while traveling the country and will probably never see again in your lifetime, this is a guest refrigerator and not your home refrigerator, sure you spend more time at the studio than at home each day, but at the end of the day, things in that refrigerator are community things and you just have to live with that.

Have you ever done an inventory of what’s in your company refrigerator? Have you ever really taken the time to really stare at all the things in there, like you do in your refrigerator at home?  What do you think is the strangest thing you would find in there if you really looked?

The other day I took a long and gazing look in the Planet Platypus Network Studio refrigerator, it has only been there a few months so how eclectic could it be in that short period of time, how many, “what the hell is that” containers could be in there in the mere 100 days its been open to the show hosts, the guest, and of course us office slaves, I meant business partners. How strange could it be?

Well we began naming off all the things in the fridge, there was your basic water and soda, it’s an office in the front, a recording studio in the back and a green room style area on the side, so you know there was coffee, coffee creamer, different types of sweetener.

But the Big Softies?  Amber’s red velvet birthday cake from last month, sure its still good. Why is there an ear of corn in there? Who already needs Rehab from working there? Is Dr. Pepper a real doctor? Maybe he can do the rehab. German wine? Who the hell bought that, and why?  An A Entertainment News promo card? Well they are everywhere else in the country, why not? …………….


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