The Incredible Jukebox Time Machine Show- All The Thriller Hits And Events Of 1983

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Juke Box Time Machine Show

Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News  – In this episode of the Incredible Jukebox Time Machine, Host Mr. Voice takes you on a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the year 1983 Mr. Voice is joined by his business partner Tony Batman on this episode, and that decision was made simply because Batman is old enough to remember the year like it was 30 years ago.

Remember the movie Flashdance? It spawned two big hit on the music charts, do you remember what they were?  How about the Star Wars Return of the Jedi movie?  Do you remember seeing that at the theater?

Why was the Australian hit “Down Under” by the Men At Work slighted by American music charts for years before it came over, listen to the show and find out what the song “Africa” from Toto was all about.  Menudo had no problem making it to the top in 1983, in America.

Why did Styx totally go a new way with Mr. Roboto in 1983? How did that work out for them, the Rock Opera type of concert couldn’t have been cheap, even in 1983.  Randy Rhodes founded Quiet Riot? Come on….. Feel The Noise!

Michael Jackson was all over 1983, the Thriller Album was beginning it’s reign at the number one album spot, and he also debuted the now famous, “Moon Walk” dance move that took the world by storm. Were you aware that Eddie Van Halen played on that album? Were you aware Tony Batman was at Eddies house once? Hear all the great 1983 stories right here on the Incredible Time Machine Show.

Let’s not forget about Marvin Gay’s “Sexual Healing“, yep that was 1983 as well…. There is way to much to tell you about 1983 here so you will just have to listen to the show, over and over again to hear everything.

Listen to the Incredible Juke Time Machine Show- Episode 1983 – Below



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