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Bibi Jones In Xtreme Magazine

We have much love for the beautiful Bibi Jones here at the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News. We also love our friends over at Xtreme Magazine and all they do for the A Entertainment News. Our “Oh The Places You Will Go with Tony Batman” column does very well in their monthly magazine and we thank them for that…. Check out the great interview with Digital Playground star Bibi Jones Below………….

by Paulie K., Photos courtesy of Digital Playground

After a self imposed hiatus, the Digital Playground superstar has finally come back to porn.  Let me tell you folks, no one is happier about this then me.  The enormously hot Bibi Jones has been all over the news with her now infamous romp with New England Patriot’s Tight End Rob Gronkowski, to the many trysts she has been accused of that might have caused some tension in her life.  Probably her best relationship though, is with her plastic surgeon, because her breasts continue to be the best in the business.

PAULIE K: Bibi Jones thank you for coming back to porn.

BIBI JONES: Oh it’s so glad to be back, thank you.

PK: Did you miss the big dicks and proper pussy pounding?  What were you doing on your self-imposed hiatus?

BJ: I’m so glad to be back, especially with Digital Playground.  It’s the best company, I get to pick the guys I want to work with and it’s going really good and I’m happy to be back.  They just sent me to South Africa and Montreal so I’m starting my return to porn with basically a world tour.

PK: Now did you take your hiatus the same time as that scare happened across the porn world?

BJ: Yea I did, I took my hiatus and then that scare happened about two weeks later, so timing for me, was right and everything worked out well.

PK: For those of you who don’t know, the scare was Mr. Marcus faking a clean test when in fact he was not clean and continued to work with girls.  I believe everyone stopped working once he was found out until every one traced their performers back to him and waited for a real clean test.

BJ: I’m glad it all worked out.

PK: Yes, no one was harmed making this interview.

BJ: Exactly.

PK: When a porn star takes a hiatus from work, which is basically sex,  do you just go off and fuck everything that moves or does one contain themselves and try to go about life and keep their vagina in their pants.

BJ: When am I ever able to keep my vagina in my pants?  I love to fuck and suck and I’m going to continue doing that.  So I was doing whatever I wanted to do.  I got myself a normal job to try and keep me grounded.

PK: You did?!?  What was the normal job?  This is amazing!

BJ: I’m a Marketing and Sales Rep for a restoration company.  I work for them whenever I’m in town, so that’s good.

PK: Marketing and Sales?

BJ: Yes, porn doesn’t last forever, so I have to have a back up plan.

PK: I have no idea what marketing means.

BJ: You market, you sell, through restoration – fire damage, things like that.

PK: Well that’s not fair at all – because who would say no to you?

BJ: Yea, I’m very good at sales.

PK: If you showed up at my door, whatever your selling, I’m buying it, are you kidding?!  If a gorgeous blonde haired blue-eyed porn star like you showed up at my door – whatever it is, the answer is yes!  You won’t even have to say a word!

BJ: Yea, pretty much.

PK: So you come back to Digital Playground and they welcome you back with open arms.

BJ: Yea they flew me to South Africa for the SEXPO convention, so I signed and took pics and got a chance to do some touristy things.

PK: South Africa sounds good.

BJ: Our big movie Code Of Honor just came out, and that is our big movie of the year, where everyone is in and everyone should see.

PK: That’s the big blockbuster for this year, right?

BJ: Yea, that’s the one, just came out in Feb, so if you want to see a high budget porn, go pick it up.

PK: Now when you are in South Africa, what goes on?  Do you peek under their kilts or whatever they wear to see if they are hung?  Do they really look like they do in National Geographic magazines?  Carrying spears and chanting with coconut milk on their face?

BJ: Most of them speak English, like 80%, spoke English and I only had time to fuck one guy out there, I was pretty busy.

PK: Was he one of the natives?

BJ: I think people have the wrong idea of South Africa, people don’t hang out in huts – it’s a civilized city.  They have high risers, nice clothes -

PK: No VooDoo doctors?  Would you ever have sex with a VooDoo Doctor from South Africa with those weird masks and snakes crawling all over them?

BJ: No.

PK: I imagine some of the biggest dicks are down in South Africa.

BJ: No, I think you got the wrong idea – it’s a normal town, a normal city.

PK: Talk to me about Swap It Out

BJ: It’s my newest movie, I have two scenes in it, and I get cream-pied in it.

PK: Wow!

BJ: I get filled up with cocks and cum – I love feeling the cocks pulsate inside of me, it feels amazing.

PK: Are cream-pies new for you?

BJ: It’s becoming my niche.  It’s my favorite without question.  I love being filled with cum and I love that cock releasing it inside me.  I guess I’m kind of unique in that way.

PK: Cream-Pie Bibi Jones!  I love it.

BJ: Yea, I love it too, it feels amazing.

PK: Have I ever asked you about your name?  I don’t remember, how did you get your name?

BJ: Well Bibi is from that James Bond film, “For Your Eyes Only” there was a 17 year old girl in there who tried to seduce Bond.

PK: What about Jones?

BJ: People said I looked like January Jones, so.  Plus the initials are BJ, so that fit.

PK: It sure does.  Now your Fleshlight is finally out?

BJ: Yes, my pussy, ass and mouth are out, they each have a different texture inside.  I went to my friend’s house and asked if they used my Fleshlight yet, and they loved it.

PK: Homewrecker 4 ?

BJ: Homewrecker 4 has my first ever B/B/G scene with Tony Ribas and Erik Everhard.  It was the first one I ever done and it is just amazing.  It’s my most favorite scene ever – I got off in that scene, so many times – if you look at my face, I’m just in heaven the entire time.  Plus I have another scene with Manuel Ferrera.

PK: Do you like guys or girls?

BJ: It’s difficult because some girls in porn just do it for the money, and it’s tough to connect with them in a sexual way, because they’re really not into it.  Hopefully in the future I’ll find some girls who enjoy G/G scenes and I can really get into it and enjoy myself.  In my personal life, I fuck a lot of girls.

PK: If a guy takes you out on a date, what do you look for?

BJ: I like a sense of humor, someone to joke around with, doesn’t take me too seriously, things like that.

PK: How much longer will you be with DP?

BJ: Well I signed a 5 year deal.

PK: Thank God!!  5 years with Bibi!!  I love it.  You need to do a Harlem Shake video.

BJ: That’s a good idea – I should do that.

PK: Just like – BAM – your naked and doing the Harlem Shake.

BJ: I like it.

PK: Now we are out of time, can you throw out your Twitter and all that?

BJ: @_bibijones and www.bibijones.com

PK: Thank you Bibi!!  Love you!

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