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We are really happy to have a different media outlet for each area of the country for our stories and photos of evens we get to host every month. Check out the Oh the places you will go with Tony Batman column in this months issue of Xtreme Magazine which is located in the entire Northeast….. See Story Below

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From Xtreme  Magazine-  Oh, The Places You will Go With Tony Batman, 110 Degrees of Separation, Miami to North Dakota

This month we will take you with us to Providence, RI where we visited the Cadillac Lounge and the guys from the Caddy Shack Show, to Las Vegas for the famed AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and to Fargo, ND where we visited The Northern Club for the Miss PoleChamp North Contest.

Here’s how it all started, we were in Miami, Florida to make a partnership deal with the Planet Platypus Network, after the deal was done and the handshakes were all complete, were ready to leave and go home for a couple of days before we have to go to Vegas for the AVN Awards, the Oscars of Porn.

As we are packing our day bag, the Planet guys ask to get dropped off at the airport, but when we get there they say, you’re going with us, the Cadillac Lounge boys want to meet you in person, and off to Providence, RI we go. After hanging out at the Cadillac Lounge for a while, eating a nice Italian meal, we ended up singing the guys from  Scumbag Superstars, to do a radio and TV show for our network which will be called, the Caddy Shack. We have a story about the upstairs private dance area and an exotic dancer that will remain nameless for protection purposes… The next morning we all laugh about the two midgets we hung out with, (there is a great video coming of that) and we get back on the plane heading to Miami.

We finally make it to Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Awards which were being held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. We were not doing a stage show this year so we spent most of our time talking to all of our porn star friends and drinking. We did see Feature Entertainers Simone Danlustrous, and Ryan Ashley while were there at the AVN.

We could not even think of hanging out with JUST porn stars so we headed over to Treasures Gentlemen’s Club to see our DJ friend Dane Hansen.. Things got weird when we go in the wrong limo, but after we fixed that we were able to finally experience first hand, the DJ Booth “Under the Stairs”.  We liked it because a couple exotic dancers came with us and that was just what we needed after spending all day with the porn stars at the Hard Rock Hotel.

We then fly for what seemed like all day and night to get back to Miami from Las Vegas, we are noticing the airlines and airports customer service getting worse every week, anyway we make it to Miami and the next day we make our debut appearance on the Network. We had a great time co hosting the Planet Platypus Radio show, and while on the show we took a call form one of our Exotic Dancer friends that proceeded to tell all the listeners about that video of two dancers supposedly fighting over a dollar bill at the Silk Exotic Gentlemen’s Club in Juneau Wisconsin. Our friend suggested, not assured us, the tape was a publicity stunt. The first show went well and we are excited about our future in Miami.

Two days after doing the Planet Platypus Show it was time for us to get back on the plane and head from Miami to Fargo, ND so could be on the stage the next day at The Northern Club to host the 2013 Miss PoleChamp North Regional Competition with our girl Katie Sutra. Think about our shock when we stepped off the plane in Fargo at 1AM and being hit with the -32 Degree Wind Chill.  When we left South Florida it was 80 degrees and when we finally landed in Fargo North Dakota, negative -32, 32 degrease below zero.

There was a funny moment when we were giving some porn DVDs from the stage, I looked down and said, “Hey; look  Paulina James is on the cover of this one, I did a scene with her back in the day” I looked on the back of the case and low and behold, there is was. It only goes on to prove the adage, once you do the porn, it NEVER, that’s NEVER really goes away, even if your mainstream acting career wants it to.

The exotic pole dance shows were awesome and everyone did a very good job on their routines but there could only be one winner, and that winner, the New Miss PoleChamp North 2013 was the talented Gara Bare. She deserved the crown and we were very happy with the outcome of the show.

We are out of space and time for this month but make sure you read next month’s column as we will be talking about our hosting the Miss PoleChamp Southeast Regional in South Carolina, our hosting of the Sinsational Features Star Search in Battle Creek, Michigan, and the big ribbon cutting grand opening of our new broadcast studio in Miami with the Planet Platypus Network

Until next month’s issue comes out please check out and our own


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