Lindsay Lohan On Sons Of Anarchy? Kurt Sutter Says No I Don’t Think So

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Who would have thought that the countless freak outs, the lack of memorizing lines, and all the trouble in general would have hurt Lindsay Lohan’s career?  The Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News ran across this story about her NOT getting on the Sons of Anarchy show….. Read it All Below

From – In a previous spoiler, it was written that Lindsay Lohan might have a slim chance of obtaining a guest star role on “Sons of Anarchy.” It turns out that the source was incorrect and on March 23, Kurt Sutter posted on WhoSay what was actually said about LiLo.

During his last Twitter Q&A, a fan had asked Kurt Sutter if he would ever consider giving Lindsay Lohan a role as she is the ultimate outlaw. He replied, “Yes, if she’s alive.”

As stated in a previous spoilers, LiLo would not be a good addition to “Sons of Anarchy.” In addition to her legal and drug problems, it is reported that during the filming of movies that she shows up late, if she shows up at all. It has also been said that she “whines and freaks out a lot” and does not bother to memorize her lines.

Most likely, fans would not be thrilled if Kurt Sutter gave Lindsay Lohan a role on “Sons of Anarchy.” LiLo would definitely not fit in with SOA or any other successful show on the air. It seems from his sarcastic response, that he does not have any intentions of asking her to join the cast.

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