Dee Simon’s Sick And Wrong Podcast – The 372nd Episode, Hear It Here

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San Fransisco, CA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  We are hearing a lot about Dee Simon as of late in the news. With his book promo tour in full swing, Dee Simon seems to be everywhere talking about “Play Me Something Dancy” and even we are not immune to the media blitz as we will have Dee on our “Tony Batman Talk Show” on the Planet Platypus Network next Tuesday night.

Above  is the latest episode of Dee Simon’s “Sick & Wrong” Podcast that he has been hosting for close to 7 years from San Fransisco, we hope you enjoy the show, and listen to Dee and Batman discuss the book next week.

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Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle is not drinking green beer this St Patrick’s Day. Couple tries the ol’ razor-in-donut scheme. Mom tries the ol’ shove-a-condom-in-her-child’s-mouth scheme. Phone calls.
Check out Dee’s new show The Obscenesters


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