After A Year Wait We Finally Have Those Photos From The Marlyn Monroe Statue On Display

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Palm Springs, CA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- Do you remember a while back when we told the story of our trip to Chicago and how we tried to go and see the Marlyn Monroe Statue that was on display in the city?  A twist of events ensued that seemed like it was right out of a comedy movie. Brian the owner of the Skindusty Contests was driving but we were all just as much at fault, maybe it was the Mexican food we had right before or maybe we were just do for an adventure under the rivers of Chicago.

Well below are some photos of the Marlyn Monroe Statue taken with the Striptaculous Radio crew, …… In Palm Springs California!!! Only goes to show if you wait long enough, everything you want will come your way… Enjoy the show and Pictures

NOTE: Click on the Photos for a larger viewing and down loadable size


Maybe the funniest part of the show was when we started talking about how we tried to find the huge Marlyn Monroe statue in Downtown Chicago, and we got lost under a series of bridges. We thought we might die, or at the least get stuck in an underwater tunnel, thank goodness we were able to be lost on Wacker Street….. You have to hear it to even believe it….

Listen to the Tales of Tony Batman Show Segment HERE


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We give props to our sponsors the Screaming O2001 Live AEBN NetworkNature Lovin Lubes, The Strip Mall, Skindustry Contests, and Xpeeps Live, we are thankful to have such great companies on tour with us.

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