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In a world we may not understand, there is a lot for the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News still to learn. Check out this interview with 2013 Miss Rubber World contestant Psylocke.  The Miss Rubber World Pageant is a pert of the New York Rubber Ball…. Read and be amazed below


It’s that time of year again as things get warmer. Flowers are growing, the bees are buzzing about, and multicolored latex fetish addicts bloom from various parts of the world to gather as as the Miss Rubber World 2013 competition is on its way. Part of the New York Rubber Ball in the first weekend of April, the slick event attracts wet rubber lovers from around the globe. At stake are thousands of dollars worth of latex gear provided by designers such as Klawtex, Demask, Cocolate Latex, The Baroness, Dawnamatrix, and Kink Engineering. Ms. Tammy Stanton, fetish correspondent, had a chance to interview contestant and Florida favorite Val Vampyre of Fetish Factory.

Will this be your first time involved with New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World? What got you interested in the competition?

Yes this is my first time at Miss Rubber World and the New York Rubber Ball. I had been reading about it and at first thought it was only for Americans and not European people. Jade Vixen told me it was different, and was for everyone. So I looked it up. The prizes are amazing! I decided to enter. I’ve never been to an American fetish party so this will be very interesting for me to see!

How did you get started in fetish modeling? What drew you to rubber and latex?
When I was young, I saw this photo of Rubberdoll and she was wearing latex. I didn’t know what it was. So I started to Google latex rubberwear and found some sites where you can buy latex.My first rubber outfit was a pair of latex stockings. I still have those shiny stockings. I was hooked, and I’ve wanted more ever since.


I signed up for a mainstream modeling agency, but after a month, I wanted to dye my hair red and get a lip piercing. They didn’t approve, so I quit mainstream modeling and started to do my own thing. From there, I started going slowly more into bondage and fetish modeling, and found out pretty early that this was something I wanted to do.

Who’s your favorite photographer and what’s the wildest adventure you’ve had in front of the camera?
Oh… I’ve worked with so many amazing photographers! I love them all but I think Marcus Gloger and Marting Perreault are my favorite photographers. I’ve been admiring their work for a long time and I’ve been working with both.


What’s the wildest adventure? He he, well it is kind of hard to beat the pillow fight in Montreal last year. Six latex models and soooo many feathers all over the hotel room.

What designers do you like to work with the most? Is there a particular designer you’re working closely with for the Miss Rubber World competition?
HW Design and Simon O Latex are some of my favorite designers. Their quality and designs is amazing and nothing is better than heavy rubber! For the Miss Rubber World competition, I will be working with Abstinence Latex from Sweden, you’ll soon see what amazing things I will wear.

Do you think there’s anything that gives you an advantage in the competition?
Hrmm… I do not really know. I’m a true fetishist. I’m a latex fetieshist and can dance in ballet boots, maybe that will make me have a little advantage.

Ok gotta admit, this is a little out of the usual fetish range, but I saw your split-tongue body modification. What compelled this? Do you make use of this in any of your modeling shoots? Obviously, you have piercings and tattoos as well. Which is your favorite body mod?

Oh yes! I have a split tongue. That might make me a bit different from the others too! Is not modification a fetish as well? The raison I did it is… well why not!? I like to push myself to see what my limits are and a split tongue is fun! Although, well… you look pretty stupid in photos when you pull out your tongue and try to look pretty.
Yes, I have a few tattoos and piercings. A few years back I was one of the most pierced girls in Sweden,  And I do love tattoos. They are art for me. All my tattoos are my favorite, but the one that is the most special is the cat paws on my breast.They are real prints that i took from my beloved cat. I made them bigger because she has pretty small paws.

I’ve heard a lot about models’ relationships with hoods, vacbeds, and gloves. What is your favorite rubber item and how does it make you feel?
My favorite is the rubber catsuit. You can never go wrong with that. I hear they say vacbeds are an amazing feeling. I love hoods so much. I cannot pick just one rubber item. For rubber is something I want 24/7. It makes me feel so pretty and so damn good!

What is the rubber fantasy you’re dying to try out, but haven’t had the opportunity to do yet?
VACBEDS! Yes!, I’m dying to try them out!
What models and performers do you like working with the most? Have you worked with any of the Miss Rubber World contestants in the past? Are there any kinships or rivalries? Is there a performer or model you’re looking forward to meeting at the event?
Yes! Jade vixen. I’d love to meet her again. Rivals? No. Just because we’re competing doesn’t mean that we can not be friends and have a good time. I hate drama.

What’s the wildest rubber adventure you’ve had off camera?
Bowling in latex! Haha! No, just kidding. I think it have to be when i was dressed like a pony and my friends dressed as kittens and we took a taxi to a fetish party. That poor scared taxi driver. But he did drive us home after the party too. I was walking still as a pony from the parking to my apartments and a bunch of people had an after party. I do not think they would see a latex pony come walking by at 4am in the morning haha!

Who in fetish inspires you the most, and why?
The community as a whole inspires me, and the event owners who work hard to make parties and sites possible for fetishists to meet up, and meet new people. Where they can be themselves, and not be alone.


I was one of those that thought I was weird and nobody else around me was like me. If it was not for a Swedish fetish community I would be lost. I thank you all that are taking the time to do thing like this. Making a place to go, where nobody will ask what the fuck you are doing, just because you are wearing rubber or for what you now want to wear and do..

For more of Psylocke, check out www.Psylocke.se, and for tickets to New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World 2013, go to www.NYRubberBall.com


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