Can You Bring A Bullet On A Plane? Flying With Sex Toys And The TSA- You Better Be Under 7 Inches Long

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If you ever wondered what happens when you fly and you bring your sex toys with in your carry on or checked bag, well there have been some interesting stories around the country.  The Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News, ALWAYS, has some toys in our bags from the Screaming O, but ours are small, discrete and powerful, they are called bullets though…. There is a length limit of 7 inches long you know? Good thing we don’t travel with any shafts even close to that, unless you count the one….. Oh Stop….. Read the article below for more funny…..

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From -Airport-security screeners apparently get a kink out of rifling through your sexy baggage.

“My checked bag is searched almost every time I fly. I guess I’m just lucky, or look suspicious!” said sex blogger Rori Sweet of the DC area.

Kitty Stryker, a California sex educator, added, “They always go through my bag!”

Sex-toy fans usually know when their bags are searched because federal Transportation Security Administration baggage screeners leave official printed notices behind.

Sex-toy peddler Vicki Kriner said one cheeky TSA screener even signed his search notice.

“His name was Jim, and he dotted the ‘i’ with a heart,” Kriner said. “The note said to have a nice day and had a smiley face scrawled next to it.”

“It seemed unprofessional, and a little creepy,” she said.

The TSA acknowledges that there’s nothing illegal about traveling with the devices.

Vibrators and dildos are OK in carry-ons, as long as they’re under 7 inches long, TSA rules say.

Sex lubes such as K-Y Jelly also are fine in carry-ons if they’re in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces.

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