The Girls Gone Dead Movie We Were In Makes Slasher Studios “Biggest Horror Movie Surprise” List

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South Florida- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  Even after moving on to the next project and some time going by, the slasher horror movie “Girls Gone Dead” that we had a role in with our friends; Ron Jeremy, Sal The Stock Broker, and of course Beetle-Juice  from the Howard Stern Show, is still making it into the news. This time Girls Gone Dead, which was filmed in South Florida, made it onto  the list of “Most Surprising Horror Movies of the Year” in a Slasher Studios review of good and bad horror flicks from last year… See the full list Below

Slasher Studios Horror Year In Review

Girls Gone Dead cover for the Dutch Netherlands

From – Remember when horror movies were fun? Back in the 1980?s, all you needed was a masked killer, some somewhat attractive teens (saying “hot” may be a bit of an overstatement), and a couple of buckets of blood. Mix these ingredients in the cinematic slasher blender and out came a slasher flick worthy to show your friends. Today’s horror world is a different place. In the world of found footage horror, cheap just is never cheap enough. Why pay for a couple of gallons of blood when a door can slam shut several times for a “scary” effect? Yawn. This is not the horror that I grew up with and it is certainly not the horror that I am proud of today. Am I the only one who misses the classic era of slashers in which the filmmakers just wanted the audience to have a good time? Clearly, judging by tonight’s film, I am not. From directors Michael Hoffman Jr and Aaron T. Wells comes the delightfully entertaining “Girls Gone Dead.” If ever there was a cinematic valentine to the 80?s slasher, it is this film.  Read Full Review HERE

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