The Planet Platypus Show- Former NFL Player David Bowens, Christina Aguchi, And Tiger Too

| February 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

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Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  In this latest action packed episode of the Planet Platypus Radio Show the crew have  former NFL player, current NFL coach, and the Mayor of Tootsie’s Cabaret, David Bowens on the show to talk about his career in the NFL and his times at the Miami Gentlemens Club.

Platypus and Bowens reminisce about David’s time in Miami with the Dolphins and how he became the mayor of Tootsie’s.  They also talk about the Madden football video game and how things are now for David Bowens as he moves from 12 year NFL veteran to new coach with the Dallas Cowboys.  During the interview co host Johnny Walker drops bomb after bomb as if he was in a zone of “Inappropriate Answers” during the entire show, funny or out of line?  Listen to the show and you decide….

The official announcement is made about the A Entertainment News and the Planet Platypus Network agreeing to a new partnership, the addition of new female co host Amber Yeisley, and a good bye to former co host Daisy Duxe.

Planet Platyupus Bat Shit Crazy

Co host Bobby Mac, also known as Mr.Voice does his first week of the news segment that he will now be handling on a weekly basis, the sex news will never be the same and once you hear Bobby Mac talking about the news, that may or may not be true, you may actually yearn to learn the news every week…

The Planet Platypus Show gets a call from DJ Casanova, also known as Tiger Measles, with his first of a month full of “What Grinds My Gears” segments.  The What Grinds My Gears segment which was compiled earlier by Tiger at his home in Louisiana, or was it Texas, no it might have been Rhode Island, or Oklahoma, either way it was pretty damn entertaining and somewhat funny… A must hear!!!

The last segment of the show has Feature Entertainer and Pole Dancing Champion Christina Aguchi on, but it almost did not happen because of Johnny Walker doing his best Asian parody voice while talking to the the Gooch’s Dad, who owns a nail salon. Walker could not resist himself but things were smoothed over enough to get Christina back on the phone, then during her segment things continue to go wrong. Bobby Mac finds a bunch of older Porn Movies that Aguchi was in before her Exotic Dance Feature Career, and somehow the audio kept playing in the background while the rest of the host were talking to her, we were told this was completely accidental.

Listen to this above episode of the Planet Platypus Radio Show by hitting the play button below.


The Planet Platypus Show  is syndicated on the A Entertainment News Network along with the,  The Gentlemens Club Show, Inside The Industry Show, Two White Guys Show, The StripClub Radio, The Ham Radio Show, and the Tales From Tony Batman show, keep posted to the A Entertainment News for the weekly updated from each show…


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