Cloud 9 Gentlemen’s Club Entertainer Natalie Is Miss Xtreme February 2013

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Harleysville, PA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- As you may or may not know, our column “Oh the Places You Will Go With Tony Batman” appears monthly all Xtreme Magazines printed in the North East United States. Xtreme Magazine also has a monthly Miss Xtreme Girl and for the February 2013 issue, that sexy girl is Natalie from the Cloud 9 Gentlemens Club…. Read All About it and see the photos below….


How about an X- All-Star Cheerleader for this February’s Miss Xtreme!? Well, we got one! The super-sexy and super-sassy, Natalie, comes to us to heat things up as we move headlong into the wintery months. There’s nothing like a hot girl in front of the fireplace to get your heat sensors working, no??We think so. Meet the lovely Natalie who we found at Cloud 9 Gentlemen’s club just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Natalie comes on strong so be prepared when you meet this hot lady as she will leave you with smiles and wanting more. Read about her here, and if not yet a subscriber to the Strip Club guide Xtreme Magazine then text the word Xtreme to 32075 and carry the sexy Natalie with you everywhere you go this month on your mobile phone. And cast a vote for her at Social Site. Enjoy!

Where do you work? What Clubs? How long have you been dancing & what got you started in the business?
I currently dance at Cloud 9 Gentlemen’s Club in Harleysville, PA. I’ve been dancing for almost two years now, this February to be exact. I started out at an amateur night at the strip club Creekside Cabaret in Colmar, PA and had never danced a day in my life. I was asked if I would like a job and being unemployed at the time I figured why not. Since I started my career in dancing I’ve also worked at Double Visions in Bucks County, but right now can find me at the strip club Cloud 9.

What kind of music do you like? What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I’m def. a classic rock girl. I love the Oldies that I grew up listening to in my dad’s car. Right now one of my favorites is Lana Del Ray she’s pretty amazing! Some of my hobbies: I love cooking and baking when I get time and doing artsy stuff; making my own hair bows and flowers and just relaxing with people I care about and watching 2 star movies on Netflix.

Is there a typical day or daily routine for Natalie?
Wake up &watch my trash TV on phl 17. Then get myself some lunch and motivated to get ready for work. I head in around 4PM and work till about 9~10PM and then spend the night with someone special.

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you?
I love children and cannot wait to be a mother one day, but I’m waiting until my life is more on track to do so !

What is your favorite thing about this industry?
Meeting all kinds of people… business men .. blue collar…drunks .. crazies… all of it. Also, how many girlfriends I’ve made since I’ve started; I must say they know who the real ones are and especially right now I’d be lost without them …..

What talents do you have that are not adult industry related?
I used to be an All-Star cheerleader which made me a decent gymnast. I also model so I’m great in front of a camera. I’m also a pretty awesome indoor rock climber

Are you attracted to men and women? If so, please tell us what traits attract you to each gender?
I’m def attracted to men…. a shorter stockier build…. darker Italian is def my kind of type! Females are fun to play with though; I love a femme girl, or a little more tatted up, edgy vibe that is totally opposite mine.

What would be a perfect date for you?
Making dinner together … maybe some nice wine … a crappy two star horror movie… and some sweats on the couch under a blanky… or a nice dinner somewhere – I love to eat!

What do you do to take care of your body?
I dance! Duh! Seriously, it’s all I do. I know most people don’t believe me, but it really is. I eat like the crappiest diet, but I dance 5 days a week 5 hours a day at least.

What sets you apart from other ladies in the strip club arena,performance wise?
I made sure to ask customers on this one. I didn’t want to judge myself here, but here are few responses from customers: I’m real I tell it like it is no fronting for me.I have fun at my job. I sing along to the songs when I’m on stage and make the guys know I’m having fun; it doesn’t seem like a chore to be doing it.No fake eyelashesboobies or pounds of hair product or makeup; my hairs big and curly.

How would you describe your personality?
Outgoing .. real.. loving… spontaneous… wild… loud… nurturing…

Is there anything you would like to tell girls that are thinking about becoming an entertainer in a strip club?
Don’t let the party life get the best of you. I learned the hard way and lost some people I really loved along the way. It’s not a good feeling. Enjoy the scene and meeting new people but make sure you know where home is and stay grounded & know who loved you when you first started. Those will be the only ones to truly love you when, or if you get lost. Things in this industry can be very tempting it’s easy to give in and once you do it’s hard to get back out… if you let it get the better of you in the end you’re the only one losing and it’s not worth what you could lose. Seriously!

What lies in the future for Natalie?
I want to be in the medical field. Ideally a Midwife… or some type of registered nurse in the child delivery field, I love children. Settling down with the man of my dreams and having a nice little family would all be nice in the future as well . But for now just being Miss Xtreme 2013 would be pretty awesome!!

See Natalie at Cloud 9 Gentlemen’s Club See Their Ad In Xtreme Magazine!

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