Adult Movie Performer, Feature Entertainer, And A Entertainment Girl Natasha Vega Ponders Her First Two Years

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We all know about the ups and downs that is the adult industry. What some people might not understand is the incredible amount of mental toughness it takes to succeed in it.  Sometimes there ARE second chances, sometimes there ARE NOT.We here at the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News feel that the way that pendulum swings all depends on the people in the industry you surround yourself with.

Natasha Vega has made some pretty big mistakes in her first two years, as many of the girls do when they first get into the business. Now we think she is at a point of mental ability to not only try, but to succeed beyond anyones wildest dreams.

We here at the A Entertainment News are happy to have Natasha Vega as one of our A Entertainment Girls, we want to help pull her to the top of the mountain… Read a note from Natasha Vega below…

From Natasha Vega: 

Two years ago today February 2011, I made the decision to enter the adult film industry, and i made my first adult movie at a young and naive age. I then took a year to get away from the fast L.a life and came back last year, and then started competing in showgirl pageants.

Since then i have accomplished more than I ever imagined I could do, of course with the help of so many amazing people in my life, some of which have have left, many have walked in, and a few remain.

Today marks the day i am holding my head high and being grateful for that day young and naive girl I was, because  she is the reason I stand where I am today as a feature entertainer, and as a person. through my ups and downs, all of my mistakes and flaws, and all of the judgment passed along the way about me..,, I have managed to succeed!!!   I  will let some people continue to mistake me and envy me!

(today i will be posting my tour dates and clubs appearing)

Check out some Natasha Vegas “On Tour” photos below, note click on the photo for a larger and down loadable size


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