The Planet Platypus Show- Musical Artist Annishka, Tony Batman, And Tiger Measles Month

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Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – In this latest episode of the Planet Platypus Radio Show the crew has a new musical artist and super star in the making on the show. Annishka had an amazing voice and a list of original songs that could all be hit singles in the future, she is also a waitress at the Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami Florida.  Hear the live in studio performance right here on the show, then listen to the rest of her tracks after listening to the show.

Platypus goes into the trip to Providence, Rhode Island where the Planet Platypus crew successfully signed the guys from the “Caddy Shack” TV show to the Network of shows.  You have to hear how everything went down, and how Platypus and Alec Lepper, from the “Dirty 30 Show” , kidnapped A Entertainment’s Tony Batman and how the entire 24 hours that there were all there seemed like a re-enactment  of the movie “Goodfellas”.

At one point during the show co host Johnny Walker tells about his weekend at the Daytona track, and how his brother, who was in the race did. Then Johnny Walker unknowingly, or maybe he did it on purpose, outs the new relationship of someone in on the show… K.I.S.S.I.N.G …..

The News of the week, as read by Tony Batman, included a clip from an interview done with Ginger Mae who is an aspiring Feature and Exotic Dancer who was in the building during the “Wisconsin Stripper Fight over Dollar Bill” thing that happened last week at the Silk Exotic Gentlemens Club in Juneau, Wisconsin. The exclusive braking news, tells……. The Rest of the Story

The Planet crew then get the infamous and flamboyant former child television star turned strip club DJ, Tiger Meazell, on the phone for a long awaited discussion about Tigers real name, (now deemed as Tiger Measles), His involvement with Rolling Stone Magazine, The Cadillac Lounge, and the television show from back in the day, “Silver Spoons”.

After some spirited debate, a few laughs, and a few jabs as well, the end of the Tiger segment finally gives a pass or fail deal for DJ Casanova, aka, Tiger Mizell, aka Tiger Measles… Want to know how that all ended up? Was he banned from the Gentlemens Club Industry? Or was he given even bigger responsibilities?  ….. List to the show and you will know

Mr. Voice, Bobby Mac hosts the Television Show Theme Song  Game, which was won by ….. Well it was close and you will laugh your ass off after hearing how the scoring went.
The show is packed with star factor, musical acts, exclusive strip club news, and out of the closet segments…. Listen to it right here…

The Planet Platypus Show  is syndicated on the A Entertainment News Network along with the,  The Gentlemens Club Show, Inside The Industry Show, Two White Guys Show, The StripClub Radio, The Ham Radio Show, and the Tales From Tony Batman show, keep posted to the A Entertainment News for the weekly updated from each show…


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