Our Article In The Exotic Dancer Club Bulletin About The Adult Industry Giving Back During Tragedy

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2012 was a pretty exciting year for us at the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News, the ups and downs were a plenty. Below is an article we wrote for the Exotic Dancer Club Bulletin Magazine about our time in New Jersey right after Hurricane Sandy. We also talk about how the Adult Nightclub Industry tends to give back to its fans and workers in times of need or distress… The Article is below, we hope you enjoy it…. See Below

From ED Publications- We have all heard about how vain and evil everyone outside the Adult Industry thinks we are. What we don’t hear on the news that much is how the industry is excellent at grouping together in times of need and giving a helping hand to those who really need it.

With the devastation that occurred in New Jersey and New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, what experts called a Super Storm or Perfect Storm, it was clear that the people that were hit needed lots of help. Sure there was the Red Cross and FEMA was there, that was well televised on all the news channels, but what you may not have heard, what you did not see on your nightly national broadcast, was the helping spirit that was in our Adult Industry.

If a natural disaster hit the area where your club is located, what would you do, How would your club help? We know that if it was at all possible, or even slightly impossible, your club would stay open because “We never close” seems to be an all around mantra of the industry. If you have worked in a Gentlemens Club during the holidays you know this to be a completely true fact. You want off on Christmas? Are you crazy, were always open. We all probably have a story about how even with no electricity, heat or air conditioning, the show went on. The girls can still dance by candle light, a boom box next to the stage will still provide enough sound for a few private dances. The thought process here is that once people step into a Gentlemens Club, they only want to think about whats inside the club and not whats happening outside.

Our Industry has a charitable side as well, a willingness to help those in need. While in New Jersey for the Exxxotica Expo which went on only a couple days after Hurricane Sandy I seen that goodwill first hand. There were charity drives during the Adult Expo that collected food, clothing, and cash for those that were affected by the tragedy.  There was a group of New Jersey Pole Dancers that dances on stripper poles all weekend long and donated every dollar they were tipped to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Sapphire Club from New York was there, collecting money for the charity, actively promoting people to donate to the fund.  The Bourbon Street Gentlemens Club from New Jersey was there doing the same thing. The feeling of charity was in the air all weekend long, and this again, was an Adult Industry event.

With the holidays coming up you will again see the Adult Industry giving back as hundreds of Gentlemens Clubs will sponsor charity drives to gather food for the needy during Thanksgiving, and then they will move right into toy drives to help the work that Toys For Tots does for the families in need at Christmas.

All in all the Adult Industry is always willing to help those in need, so maybe were not so bad after all. I for one am proud to be in this industry and I hope for years and years of continued successes and charity.

Tony Batman

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