Diane O’Meara Is Girl In The Photo, Manti Te’o Was Fooled Into Thinking It Was Something And Someone Else

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Katie Curic

The silver lining, the good news out if this is…… She is not dead

New York- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – This story of the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend is not only not going away but it seems to be gaining steam.  Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o told Katie Couric in an interview that he may have lied to the press after, but he was honestly thinking he had a real on line girlfriend, who later on died.  See the Access Hollywood story for more of the details on that part.

It has been reported that a Ronaiah Tuiasosopo stole a picture from the social media website, Facebook of his friend and former classmate, Diane O’Meara to use to fool Manti Te’o into thinking he had an on line relationship going.

Diane O’Meara, who appears to be just as much a victim as Te’o, Spoke out on the NBC Today Show saying that she had no part in the scam or joke or trick.

Diane O'Meara 2

We have always heard that if you meet someone on line and you never get to actually meet them in person, then that is a huge red flag that something is amiss. It looks like in this day and age of social media technology that this could happen a lot as society looks to it’s screens to find a mate, a friend, or a person claiming to be either…  Be careful out there because the truth is getting harder and harder to find, we know we are looking for it every day here at the A Entertainment News.


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