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Glamazon Dollz

Minnesota – Our Girl and Feature Entertainer Simone Danalustrous has a new blog for everyone to read. In this story she announces to the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News and the rest of the world the creation of the duo act, the Glamazon Dolls….. Read it all below

BY: Simone Danalustrous – The Girlfriend Factor

So as some of you may know, My relationship with Jamie Serina recently ended.

Many of you have been super kind to Me, offering Me your sympathy and kind words to soothe the heartache that is, of course, expected with a break up, especially after such a sweet and public relationship as Jamie and I had. Then you go on My page a day after the news has been displayed and see that I am now in a relationship with The Hurricane Herself, LACEY RAIN. I know a lot of you are probably wondering WTF?!?!

Allow Me to explain…

My breakup with Jamie, although initiated by Me, turned out to be a mutual agreement to end things on both sides. It has nothing to do with lack of love, please don’t think that. There was no bickering or fighting or goings on that preempted this. There was no bad side to our relationship that we kept hidden from everyone like a horrible dirty secret. There was no cheating, mean words, emotional abuse, or any of the other typical reasons people break up with one another. In fact, this has been the most dramatically undramatic break up I have ever had. EVER. Jamie and I had a very adult relationship and it ended in a very adult way which means NO DRAMA.

Jamie and I jumped into a relationship really fast, and to this day are still getting to know one another. We both came to a point where we realized that it will actually be more beneficial to both of us if we stop focusing on being “girlfriends” and really focus on that last part: FRIENDS. As soon as it was said and done I know we both felt a lot better and I may be speaking for just Myself but I felt an even BIGGER rush of love for the girl than I had felt before, and I love her A LOT. There is no love lost between us from this breakup. You are still going to see her and I at events together and upcoming competitions, karate chopping our way through the pictures as well as the competition LOL. Still, a breakup is a breakup and I am sad to see things end, especially after I have gotten so used to having her in such an important role in My life. But I didn’t lose her, and that’s all that matters.

So where does Lacey Rain come into all of this?

Well she and I have entered into a committed relationship as the newest duo in the feature world known as THE GLAMAZON DOLLS.

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