Planet Platypus Blog: How Did Daisy Duxe Get Here?

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Miami, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  We are happy to bring you the latest from the Planet Platypus people. This time we have a blog written by radio show cast member Daisy Duxe. In the blog below Daisy tells us how she thinks she was got to this point in the game of Adult Entertainment, and well…. How did Daisy Duxe get here?… Read below and you will probably find out something new about the industry itself….  See Story Below……


So what’s a girl to do after 7 years of taking her clothes off for a living? I was a college educated woman after all. The search began in my hometown of 12 years, Valdosta, GA. Due to my prior career choices of pornstar and headlining stripper I quickly learned that I faced 3 major roadblocks. Those that wouldn’t hire you because of what you’ve done, those that would only hire you because of what you had done and those who considered you for a job because they knew you could do it. After being self-employed for 7 years the thought of going back to work for somebody was not a pleasant thought. Working for myself gave me drive. It didn’t matter the hours or how much work a task required….I took pride in my work and enjoyed the thrill of personal success. How could i ever find a job working for someone else that provided that intense feeling of satisfaction? I I debated on staying self-employed. I had seen plenty of people have average success in bar ownership…most of which had little to no business or marketing experience. Surely, I could run a bar.

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