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Khristy Creams Christmas

Hamburg, Germany- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- The Holiday Season is in full swing and we are happy that we have friends all over the world that have that Holiday Spirit. Below is a blog from the beautiful and sexy Khristy Creams giving you the ups & downs of getting a little crazy in the winter time and having sex in a hot tub. Yes in a hot tub, we have all tried it before but is it really as cool, or hot in this case, as it sounds?   Read Much More Below…….


From Khristy Creams Blog:

I am officially in the middle of the Christmas cRaZiEs! I’ve been busier this year than ever before. Mostly, because I have a gazillion things going on right now, plus… family and getting ready for Christmas seems to consume any spare time I hoped to have each day.

The other evening however, I decided to have one of my regular lovers come over and spend a little time fucking me in my hot tub. I LOVE to fuck in my hot tub! Love love love love it!!! I have a really huge hot tub and I don’t use it in the summer, but in the winter I like to get in it and relax and when possible, fill it with guys to play with. Forget any rubber duckies, I want big hard cocks in my hot tub! To me, that’s truly relaxing!!

Now, fucking in the hot tub is something many people will tell girls, you shouldn’t do. But, if you have, or are thinking about getting a hot tub for your home enjoyment, I’m sure you have, or are wondering how to have sex in it, especially if you’re a girl. Having sex in a hot tub is easy to do, however… there is some risk to having sex in a hot tub for girls. So, before I get started on informing you how to have sex in a hot tub, I need to tell you the risk to having sex in a hot tub. The risks are:

1. Exposing the vagina to chlorine can change its natural pH, leading to a yeast infection.

2. Most condoms and birth control do not work in a hot tub.

3. You can get all sorts of germs from a hot tub. With that said, always clean out the hot tub before having sex in it, and DO NOT use a public hot tub, ever! You are just asking to get some kind of disease at the worst or infection at the least. Total YUK!!!

I personally drain and disinfect the entire hot tub surface each time before I use it for sex. After I have disinfected everything and the tub is rinsed and wiped dry of all residues from your cleaning products, I then fill it and get it ready for fun!!

Now, that you know the risks of having sex in a hot tub, you will need some items before you can have sex in your hot tub. The items you will need are:

A. Silicone-based lubricant – do not use anything but Silicone-based lubricant!! It’s a must!

B. Candles

C. Music

D. Cold drinks for sure and snacks, if you so desire.

1. Now that you have gathered your materials, you’re ready to turn on the hot tub. Once the hot tub has warmed up, turn on some of your favorite music to have sex by and get ready to get into the hot tub. Oh yeah… make sure the guy/s are there you’re intending to fuck!

2. The second step to having sex in a hot tub is to lubricate yourself (the girl) for you guys reading this – using silicone-based lubricant. The reason for the silicone-based lubricant is so the lubricant doesn’t wash out. Make sure you lubricate your vagina very well. Now… just experiment and try different sexual positions. There is not a certain way to have sex in a hot tub. I personally love to ride a guy on top as he sits in one of the comfy seat positions in the tub. This way I can hold onto the edge or one of the handles, if your tub has handles positioned, in various places around the tub. It doesn’t matter though; just do whatever feels right and good to you! I sure do!!

Congratulations! You now know how to have sex properly in a hot tube! I know you’ll enjoy some awesome hot tub fucking!! I know I plan to this winter, for sure!!! It’s a great No Thong Thursday activity! Kisses…


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