Sunday And the Screaming O Show At The Exxxotica New Jersey 2012, See All The Photos

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Edison, NJ- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  The final day of the Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey was pretty laid back and fun. But it was Sunday, the final day and I think I may have been moving a bit slow from the two prior days at the show but no matter what happens the night or nights before, a real rock star never missed the next gig. I get to the show and check in with Chaz and the Chaz girls who were selling Screaming O’s like crazy at the booth already. It was pretty busy for a Sunday, which of course it typically the slowest day of the three day show. I still had A Entertainment Girl Ashlyn Marie with me as she decided to tough it out in New Jersey one more day, all I needed was my stage schedule and a big cup of coffee.

The Exxxotica people stopped by the booth and told me my Screaming O Stage Show & Contest was going to be happening at 5pm and that was fine with me, that gave me more time to finish maybe two big cups of coffee.  The Screaming O show was to take place right after the Ron Jeremy Seminar and right before the car show trophies were to be given out for the contests over the weekend.

Once we made out way back to the stage and met up with Emcee Dan Diamond and our video guy Carlos, we noticed that Ron Jeremy was still talking in he seminar right next to the stage and he had the sexy Rebeca Bardoux with him on the seminar room stage. I walked over to see how much more they had to go as we were to start our Screaming O show on the RealTouch Entertainment Stage as soon as Ron was done. That did not work out as planned, as soon as I walked into the seminar room, Ron looks at me and says “Hey there’s my friend Tony Batman, come on up here” I walked to the stage, telling Rebecca it was time to end, and Ron asks me, “What type of porn do you like to watch at home, just for your own pleasure?”  We here we go, we get into this long conversation on how I like to see things in the movies that I might not see at home on a regular basis, a little female submissive bondage, maybe a little forced orgasm, things that are not really real and don’t usually happen in your personal life.  Finally we finish up the seminar and I ask Ron Jeremy to come on stage with me and say Hi, well one we were all up on the stage, things went crazy….

We asked Ron to join in on one of the Screaming O Games, the Sexy Rodeo Ride to be exact. We got a female volunteer from the crowd and she and Ron made up our third couple for the contest.  That girl was so scared while riding on top of Ron, he kept saying be careful , it very valuable make sure not to break it, then they got into it and of course they got the most applause. I felt that everyone of the couples did a good job on the stage, so after cheers for everyone from the enthusiastic crowd, I declared it a three way tie and all the couples got a Screaming O prize bag. You never know with the Screaming O Company, so its always good to play the games on stage, you will most likely win something cool.

We finished up our day at Exxxotica and then waited for everyone to break down their booths an pack their boxes, and then it was time for my favorite part, the trip down to New York City for our annual dinner at Angelo’s on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. We have never had a bad time there.  After dinner this year we walked across the street and were invited into a basement door. The doorway led to a hallway which led to another door, this one had that little sliding door in the door, and someone slid it open and looked at us. It was Myself, Ron Jeremy,Lexi Love, Chaz Craton, Ashlyn Marie and the ChazTitty Girls… We went right in. The place was uber cool and the bartender just asked which spirits we liked and if we wanted sweet or tart and he made us some awesome concoctions. The place was called the Mulberry Project and it was an old speakeasy. I strongly suggest you try to have a drink there if you are in Little Italy.

Below are some photos from the last day of Exxxotica New Jersey and our trip to Little Italy, we hope you enjoy and we can not wait to do it again next year….. Photo Credits go to Chaz, Carlos, and Ashlyn

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