Did You See Lindsay Lohan On Good Morning America? There was Some Funny Stuff Going On

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While we watched the Lindsay Lohan interview on Good Morning America yesterday in the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News offices, we thought the flow of the segment seemed a bit weird, but we just thought it was because of her past problems. Well when you read this story below you will understand a whole lot more than we did while watching it live…. Read Below Now….

New York-  Not only did Lindsay Lohan lie on Good Morning America Friday when she said she didn’t know she had a secret half-sister, but prior to her appearance, LiLo’s powerhouse public relations team at Rogers & Cowan gave producers of GMA a list of questions the actress could NOT be asked by Amy Robach, including anything relating to her ongoing criminal legal issues — and the top-rated morning news program agreed, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The Battle between Good Morning America and the Today show gets fueled by Lindsay Lohan Interview

“Lindsay’s reps gave the executive producer of Good Morning America a LENGTHY list of subject matters that she absolutely wouldn’t be asked by Amy Robach. GMA had to agree in writing before the interview that Lindsay wouldn’t be asked ANY questions about the many criminal legal issues she was facing, including the looming lying to cops charge after her car accident last summer,” a source close to the situation tells us.

“The primary focus of the interview was for Lindsay to talk about her role in the Liz & Dick television movie. Lindsay’s new P.R. team is working to craft a new image of her, and this includes only having her do print and television interviews that they can control. Lindsay’s team hand-picked Amy Robach to do the interview because they thought she would be comfortable with her. GMA agreed to the conditions because they thought the audience would want to see what Lindsay had to say. If GMA hadn’t agreed, they were prepared to go elsewhere. One option for Lindsay’s television morning interview wasn’t the TODAY show because they NEVER would agree to any pre-conditions of any interview, it’s just not what they have ever done.”
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