The StripperFest 11 Exotic Dance And Pole Contest Was Everything You would Have Expected

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Milwaukee, WI- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – This past weekend the stage was set for the StripperFest 11 Exotic Dance & Pole competition to be one of the best Skindustry Productions shows ever. The StripperFest 11 was held at the On The Border Gentlemens Club in Franklin Wisconsin and there was a buzz in the air all weekend long about all the very beautiful and talented ladies that had registered to compete at the event. The talk was also all about the  $7000 is cash prizes that were given out for the three different categories, the Queen of the Stage, Queen of the Pole, and the Hottest Stripper Beauty walk.

There were experienced ladies and newcomers from the Feature Dance Industry, several different levels of experienced Ariel Pole Athletes, and everything in between for StripperFest 11. It was an awesome display of everyone going for their personal best on the stage and the pole, and we were amazed at the amount of talent that showed up for the weekend.

After all three contests were completed, something happened that has never happened before, a true first of firsts. One contestant took all three first place trophies and was crowned the Queen of the Stage, The Queen of the Pole, and the Hottest Stripper in the show, that contestant was Miss Christina Aguchi.  Her shows were amazing, her pole work was to perfection and as always she looked just as you would expect a champion and awards winning Feature Entertainer to look, beautiful. Congratulations to Christina Aguchi ( on this huge accomplishment, it was well deserved.

There were several other firsts at StripperFest 11, the few that come to mind are the retiring and changing of the Tony Batman pimp hat. Yes it’s true, the good people of Skindustry made an official Skindustry Productions Pimp hat for me to wear. The changing of the hats ceremony was done live on stage during the contest.   One more cool first that happened at StripperFest 11 was the playing of the National Anthem before the show began, now this has been done at every Skindustry show from the beginning to honor our country and the men & women who serve to protect it, but at this show it was different, this time they had a local rock star come out on stage and play the Anthem on electric guitar, ala Jimmy Hendrix and KISS, it was a very moving opening to the show and we were proud to have been  a part of it.

The Beautiful Feature Entertainer Simone DanaLustrous was the guest performer for the show and as always she rawked the stage like the Rawk star she is. We even introduced Simone to our friend “Honey Bear” during the night and they slipped right into a close friendship.

Our friends were there from the Miss Nude 2o12 Pageant and threw out a bunch of T-Shirts promoting the upcoming show at the Wild J’s Club in Canute, Oklahoma. We also got to hang with the guys from who brought a handful of ladies and a case of A Entertainment/ T-Shirts. And we are not really sure what it is but we seemed to say Planet Platypus several hundred times throughout the night, We think we are going to be doing something for them soon, we just don’t really know what it is….. We also have ton give a huge shout out to the band “LockJaw” for coming out and being involved with our show.

We would like to thank the Skindustry Productions crew, Kim and Brian,  for all their hard work in making this another great show, and we can not say enough about the staff at the On The Border Club for all their hospitality, it really means a lot to us when we are treated well by the host club and staff…. Thank You….

Below are a few photos from the night at StripperFest 11 from our man Ricky Rich (, there are many, many more to come in the next article…..

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