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If you don’t know who Simone Danalustrous is then you really need to get our more and explore the sexy world of the sexy. We here at the Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News enjoy everything about Simone and now that you know , so will you…… Read about Simone Danalustrous goings on BELOW………….

By Simone Danalustrous:

Fully recovered from My recent trip to West Virginia, through two different time zones, and across again, I will admit I needed the last day or two to sleep off all the traveling and get Myself readjusted to California time. Who am I kidding… I just wanted to sleep, LOL. I think I’ve gotten enough ( for now) so it is back to business for Me as usual.

How did My trip to JIll’s go? It was freaking AWESOME!!! I had such a great time, due mostly in part to the amazing staff of Jill’s. Talk about some wonderful people to work with… I think a part of Me looked forward to seeing them more than to actually going on stage each night, and you KNOW how much I LOVE being on stage. They really made Me feel at home in the brief period of time I was there, and for that I cannot thank them all enough. It can be very hard being a lone girl in a new place where you don’t know a single soul. By the end though I feel I made new friends out there, and so I am really looking forward to the time they decide to have Me back ( Please have Me back, JIll’s! LOL) All of My sets went off great. I had a fantastic crowd response and it was a pleasure to meet so many honest, hard working men who truly appreciated My company and My effort to keep them entertained. Some of them were more than generous in their tips, which is ALWAYS welcome, and I had a blast taking polaroids and signing pics for those who wanted them. I was very sad to have to leave as I really didn’t get to get out and truly enjoy the beauty of West Virginia. I did get to go to a pretty sweet restaurant on My last day there though ( thanks Pat!) as well as the local Walmart ( I always love going to the Walmart of whatever area I’m in, don’t ask Me why) and it was enough for Me. Next time though, perhaps I’ll delay My flight home a day or two and try to take in a little of WV before I go. Let’s just hope I get the chance, right?

I love you, JIll’s! Thanks to all of you for showing Me such a great time and making Me feel so welcome in your home. I hope to see you all again real soon, seriously.

Did I mention they had an article put up about Me in the local Industry magazine? It was great! It’s the first time I have ever had an article written about Me since I was in Private Dancer Magazine out here in California December 2005 B.B. ( Before Boobs, LOL). It said some very flattering things about Me, which was a surprise because I never actually met or spoke to the guy who wrote the article ( as far as I know) so I was quite impressed by the accuracy of the article as well as the complimentive manner in which it was written. It also featured a picture of Yours Truly next to it, as well as a full page ad of Me topless ( always good) AND the entire back cover as well! I really do get a kick out of seeing Myself in print ( I’m famous, Mom! Sort of! Haha) and it just added a cherry on top to the awesomeness of the entire experience.

Life is moving on though and so I find Myself getting ready to head out to Vegas for the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo next Monday. I’m pretty stressed out over it right now. Why? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!!!! Yes yes, laugh all you want but I’m serious, trying to figure out what I am going to be wearing to the convention, after parties, and the awards show is making Me a little crazy. I don’t really have the time to order a dress at this point, nor the funds to actually get what I want ( why does every dress I like have to cost at least $500? WHY?!?!?!) so I’m left trying to find a place that will give Me what I am looking for: something sexy and outrageous with a dash of classy and a pinch of slutty thrown in. Is that too much to ask? I have a California Pure-Bred Vegas Trash-Glam style and sadly, they don’t exactly make clothes specific to that type of look. I WILL find a way, as I always do. I just wish it were a little easier…

It’s like yes, I am a female and so I do love shopping, in a way. Yet I tend to be very masculine about it. I just want to go in, find what I want, buy it, and get out. I am one of those girls who makes the store undress the manequin and pack it up, no trying it on. Ever since I got My boobs done though, it’s been a bit hard tryng to get My look right. Part of Me still picks out clothes that are flattering to My pre-boob body which makes shopping a lot more of a chore than it used to be. I guess when you live your life as flat as the walls around you for most of your youth, you get used to a certain way of dressing yourself. Old habits are hard to break. Really.

I will find the right dresses though, as you can be damned sure I won’t stop searching until I find the PERFECT dress. OR dresses, really. Why just buy one? I have a few nights of conventioning to do, after all. I have to love the expo for this very fact though: It’s a great excuse to buy Myself new clothes and shoes without feeling TOO guilty about it. Though should I happen to meet a kind gentleman who would like to be the benefactor of said clothes and shoes, well… Please feel free to email Me. ;)

Once the expo is over it is back to featuring. I’ll be heading back to one of My favortie places, On The Border in Milwaukee, WI September 12th-15th. I love OTB because that is the club that really helped Me get a good start in becoming a feature what with their Stripperpalooza and Stripperfest contests that they hold each year. Stripperfest 11(?) is actually on September 16th, the Sunday after My booking ends. I will not be competing this year though, as I had previously planned. I opted out and chose to judge and feature that night instead of throwing Myself into the competitive ring. Yes, I really did want to compete and go for another Stripperfest title, but since I’ll have been there most of the week before featuring I felt it would be wise to just kick back that night and watch the new rising stars take the stage and see another queen crowned. If you were wondering though, the answer is YES. I will be there with My MISS NUDE NORTH AMERICA crown and sash on. Hey, any chance I get to rock that sh*t, I’m on it. What’s the point of winning it if you’re never going to wear it, right? I am really looking forward to seeing what some of these girls come up with for the stage category. It’s always great to see the girls go outside the box and go big or go home. I hope you ladies bring it! I want to be ENTERTAINED dammit!!! Haha! I know they will though, and if you are in the area on that date, please come out and support the Skindustry team and all theses gutsy girls who are going to show up to battle it out on stage in their underwear. It’s going to be a good time, for sure. :)

After OTB, I’ll be heading to PTs in Illinois, the first time I have ever been booked there or in that state. They hired Me for My special Super Power ( aka My Squirting) and this will be one of the few clubs in the country where you will get to see Me get LIVE live!!! I know you have enjoyed the pictures ( don’t lie, you know you have) I have posted of Me popping off. And if you ever wanted to see Me in action this is going to be the place to come see it. Am I nervous? Yes, a bit. I know I already  got LIVE out in Rhode Island at the wonderful club Cheaters ( Miss you guys!), but it’s been a while since then and up until recently, I haven’t really been practicing that particular talent of Mine. Yes, it really does take a little practice to squirt, no joke. I guess I’m just going to have to get really hands-on with Myself in the next few weeks to make sure everything runs smoothly and to get My aim back on track. Not like I am looking to hit anyone in the front row ( unless they really want it) but I would like to be able to get the beautiful arch into My own mouth again at least once while I perform. I didn’t get to do that at Cheaters ( though I did get a guy in the front row. Topped his drink off, I did!) so I would like to do it this time around. So yes, if you are into that sort of thing and want to see it for yourself, makes plans to be at PT’s in Centreville, IL Sept. 26th-29th.

Anyway, it’s getting late here and as much as I want to keep going, I’ve got mommy things to go do.

No matter how superstar you are, a MILF’s work is never done. ;)

XOXO Love,


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