Our Friend Charles Craton of Entice Couples Boutique, Formally Of Chick-fil-A Weighs In On The Controversy

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North Georgia- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  With all the news swirling around the Chick-fil-A Company and them making their moral views very public, we here at the A Entertainment News thought is would be decent and right to look at both sides of the story. The article below is based on pure opinion of it’s author and this News Site. Our friend and sometime traveling co worker, (we collaborate on most major Screaming O events), Charles Craton has years of experience with the Chick-fil-A Company, he helped coin some of their most popular PR phrases. Charles also has plenty of reason to hate them, after being publicly poked at after opening his Entice Couples Boutique, which you might have guessed, is an Adult Novelty & Book Store. Charles does NOT hate them though, he shows compassion and care for the employees of the company during this Public Relations nightmare they are in the midst of. In fact he calls for understanding …. Read a Social Media Post from Charles below, and the reaction to it below that…

Charles Craton states: I feel the need to go on the record today about Chick-fil-A. I probably know more about Chick-fil-A and the Cathy family than anyone of my social Media friends.

I spent 12 great years with them as a vendor, helped them create and promote the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, and have been in Truett, Dan, and Bubba Cathy’s home many times, and consider them all friends. I have an intimate working knowledge of them and their business.

Until now, I’ve avoided the subject for my own personal reasons. However, now I think I should say a few things. First, I can state categorically the Cathy family (Truett, Dan, Bubba, Trudy) do not hate anyone, gays included. They are genuine, kind, decent people. They believe what they believe, and specifically that marriage is between a man and a woman. That is their culture, their upbringing, and their passion.

They’ve put their “money where their mouth is” spending millions of dollars at Berry College creating the WinShape Marriage Retreat Center, run by Bob Skelton, another great man whom I admire and respect. Chick-fil-A is not a perfect company and they dont have perfect employees. And while I don’t agree with all their views either, all this hubbub about the Muppets and a fake FB profile is hurting some good people, and I don’ t care whether it was done by a CFA minion or not, fundamentally, I have to say, EAT MOR CHIKIN.

Realize who they are, and disagree or not, you should respect their right to have their own opinions. Remember, they are a private company, not a public one. If you don’t like it, go eat at KFC. They aren’t going to change who they are, and, frankly, given all the good things Truett Cathy has done over his lifetime, the multiplied millions they have donated to charity, who are we to tell them they should change. Frankly, I like them just the way they are.

Thank you….. Chaz Craton owner Entice Couples Boutiques

Now weather you agree or not, we here at the A Entertainment News believe that we ALL deserve the right to express our own opinion without being ridiculed or boycotted for stating our sole opinions.

After Charles Craton posted the above statement, he got back a reply from an unnamed blog poster stating the following:
“Wow! The irony of a guy who owns porn shops coining the phrase for a bigot who hates gays standing in front of a sign of a cow who hates chickens. “Hate mor Fags” should be the new coined phrase. God help us.”

We are hoping this does not reflect the thought process of the American Citizen, when did Hate become a moral battle cry for good?…. And if it is, how do we change it now?

God Bless America, and the RIGHTS of ALL of American Citizens. Not just the ones you feel are RIGHT…..


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  1. thestripmall says:

    “Wow! The irony of a guy who owns porn shops coining the phrase for a bigot who hates gays standing in front of a sign of a cow who hates chickens. “Hate mor Fags” should be the new coined phrase. God help us.”
    Wow is my response to this numskull. Hate is what homosexual people have to deal with on a near daily basis, it would be nice if one’s sexuality was never an issue, however it is. If this gentleman is trying to take up a torch for homosexual’s I say douse him in gas and hand him a match, because hate never fixes anything.
    Regarding Charles Craton, I would have one word “character” I have never met him but anyone that will stand behind his friends like that even after being wronged is that kind of guy!!! Hats off to Charles, and has anybody seen the striker for my flamethrower I think Skippy needs some assistance with that torch!!!

  2. Tony Batman says:

    You were next to Charles at the Nudes A Poppin Pageant and Festival… He run’s the Screaming O Booth..

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