Tales From Tony Batman Show- The South Florida Experience With Improv, Vampires, And Magic Chocolates

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West Palm Beach, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – In this reality show like episode of the popular Tales From Tony Batman Radio Show we tell you about our trip to South Florida and how we ingested so many different types of crazy things we got a mind bending (and light bending) experience.

We tell you about our time at the Improv Comedy Club in West Palm Beach Florida and how we went to support our friend Jared and his “Almost Funny” skit but we ended up spending the night looking at all the pretty lights because of a small piece of Magic Chocolate we ate an hour before going to the club… We don’t recommend that you follow our lead on this one as it sort of tripped us out. Then Jared tells about his experience on stage telling jokes after eating the same Magic Chocolate……. A funny and scary story…..

We tell you about the movie “Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter” and how we had a split decision on if it was good or not. Aaron said it was good but shorted itself, Jared was just unimpressed because her red the book and as they normally say, “The book was way better”. I liked the movie, especially since we seen it in a very good 3-D theater, hear what else we say about it by listening to the show…

We also tell about how the Project X movie was pretty cool to watch on the big screen and how we thought the soundtrack of the movie was better than the  movie but after really watching it again, we loved the movie just as much as the music in it……

We try to figure out which old Strip Club DJ story we should tell at the first Annual “Strip Club DJ EGO Summit” . We were scheduled to be one of the speakers at the first ever meeting of the Gentlemens Clubs DJ’s ever. So we go over a couple of stories on the show to see which one the group liked best. The DJ Summit  was going to be in Miami Florida inside the famed Tootsies Cabaret at the Knockers Sports Bar.

We try to explain about how the times of the songs in Strip Clubs are different than in the real work, and how it really good to have sex to Strip Club timed songs because it makes you seem like you can do it longer…. This is a crazy story that you might even like …..

We reminisce about our old strip club DJ booth days and how we had a gun pulled on us by a customer in a wheelchair, Yes we did tell this story in this show….

We again tell you about our plans for our new sponsors, TheStripMall.com and how we seem to be going to Michigan a lot lately.

We then go on about the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago, and the big 2012 Nudes A Poppin Pageant and Festival Weekend, which we will be co hosting with Ron Jeremy, Dakota Skye, Nikki Delano and Jesse James Dupree from the 80?s band Jackyl

Of course we have some new news about supermodel Kate Upton because we have to talk about her every week. That’s just the way it is in our complex mind…….

Listen to the show here, on iTunes or on any of your favorite podcast outlets. The show is produced in the Los Angeles area by the good people at Striptaculous Radio. The Pod-casts have now been downloaded 2.5 million times by fans of the show. Thank you for listening !


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We give props to our sponsors the Screaming O, 2001 Live AEBN Network, Fountain Of Youth Center,The Strip Mall, Skindustry Contests, and Xpeeps Live, we are thankful to have such great companies on tour with us.




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