Tales From Tony Batman Show – Our Time In Kalamazoo For The Stripperpalooza 5

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Kalamazoo, MI- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- In this must hear episode of the sexy and comedic Tales From Tony Batman Show, we tell you everything you would want to know about our time in Kalamazoo Michigan at the Angel’s Gentlemens Club hosting the Skindustry Productions “Stripperpalooza 5″ Contest.

We tell you about the weekly news headlines from the A Entertainment News including the Tasha Reign and former President Clinton photo, the new Anchor Man movie, Nikki Benz get her own video game character, Will Ryder casting for the new Animal House Parody, the Exxxotica Expo moves from Miami to Ft Lauderdale, Phillip Phillips winning American Idol, and a bunch more…..

We then tell you all about our time in Kalamazoo Michigan. We hosted the Stripperpalooza 5 but I was still in my 30 day challenge to not drink hard alcohol and the show was at Angel’s Gentlemens Club where I usually have 3 fishbowls  of drinks, literally.  Do I falter or not…? We then come to the conclusion that I may not be too far away from a stint on the Celebrity Rehab TV show…. Listen to me explain why that may not be such a bad idea…

We then talk about our dinner at the Italian place that John the GM at Angels took me to and how we ended up at the Little Darlings Club drinking before we went back to the Angels club. Then we tell you about our bottles of wine and how Curtis was doing a little dance with the ladies in the club and spilled a glass of red wine on my white shirt, just our luck.

We tell you about all the stage shows during the Stripperpalooza 5 and how there were a bunch of new girls competing that we had never seen before, and they were good to. We talk about our special guest features for the event. A Entertainment Girl Dakota Skye put on one hell of a show, Simone Danalustrous also looked great, and our girl Shay Lynn was also there, Shay even held the American flag during the singing of the National Anthem….

Then we tell you about some of the stage shows during the night, and the eventual winners, of course we are going to make you listen  to the show to hear who won… We get into how a couple new competitors caught our eye, like Trinity Turner for one, and how could we not talk about “Sparky”. There were a bunch of clubs there as well, Club O from Chicago, Cahoots from Columbus Ohio, A Michigan Club called Heavenly Bodies and a few more we can’t remember…

We tell you about some of the funny things that happened in Kalamazoo, like the late night Walmart workers playing the radio while they stocked overnight, and the commercial for the Stripperpalooza coming on the speakers. A guy actually came into the club to tell me her heard Tony Batman was hosting a show at Angel’s while he was in Walmart. Another oddity was the way all the maids in the host hotel knew who I was and called out “Batman” when ever I walked out of my room. I am pretty sure I partied with them the last time I was there….

Then we tell you about the after party in the hotel after the Stripperpalooza was over, and how we had some very weird times, there were hotel employees, girls taking their shirts off, Just because, and then there was the 4am swimming pool story, I can’t even put into words what happened with Shay Lynn and what they like to call Shock Therapy. We were too partied out to go get food so we ordered Denny’s, yes you have to hear how the hell we got to a point where we thought it would be a good idea to order take out from Denny’s….

Then the next morning we try to get to the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Airport and this becomes an adventure in itself. I ride in the Skindusty SUV which is packed with all the show gear, 17 people and all of our luggage, I make it to the airport at the normal time, but then I realize that I are almost the only one in the airport, the security line consisted of just me, and then you have to listen to what I told the guy at the Kalamazoo Airport gift shop… I really put my foot in my mouth on this one, who buys souvenirs  from Kalamazoo Michigan…….

We then tell you about our next big event coming up which is the 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships at the Pink Pony Club in Atlanta, Georgia.


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