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Domino Presley won 2 awards at the Tranny Awards this year, Shemale Yum Model of the Year and Best New Model. And now she has partnered with Grooby Productions for her first official paysite, ts-dominopresley.com. The high-end site has photo sets, videos, a blog, DVDs for sale and a forum where Domino and the other members converse. The site has really taken off, just like Domino’s career—2011 seems to be her year.

By Scottie Heartz
Hi Domino thank you so much for taking the time for our interview!

Can you start off by sharing some of your background with us?  Where were you raised, what was your childhood like etc?
I  lived in a small village called Clinton in Michigan until 5th grade, and then I moved to Atlanta, GA to live with my mom. I hated school and was a semi- rebellious kid. I definitely gave my mom hell growing up. I started performing in gay clubs as an underage drag queen at 19 and my transition once I turned 20.

Did you always feel you were a girl or was there a certain moment, experience, or turning point where you knew you were to live your life as a girl?  If so can you share that with us?
I always felt like a girl. When I was in 3rd grade, I told one of my friends I thought I was supposed to be a girl and he told me to never repeat that and to keep it to myself because I was going to hell, so I did. I’ve never even had a dream where I was a boy.  It wasn’t until I met a transsexual for the first time that I realized I actually could become a beautiful woman, and a week later I was taking hormones.

When it comes to hormone therapy when did you start and what does that consist of?
I started when I was 20. I take 1 shot a week and 9 pills a day…. It’s a pain in the ass. I have to take Estrogen  and Progesterone

I’ve read that you are saving for your boobs, when do you hope to get your boob job and what size are you wanting?
I’m always saving for them, but I have bad spending habits and expensive medication. I want them ASAP and I’ll probably go to a big B or small C.

How do your family and close friends feel about your transition?
My family is great with it…now. My older brother and sister took it really well and immediately my brother started treating me like his little sister. My Mom took a while to adjust and still sometimes calls me “he” (which is like a knife in the stomach), but she’s gotten a lot better. My dad and stepdad are very proud of me and say they have a beautiful daughter. My step mom took a little longer to accept it, so I haven’t seen my Dad, step mom and little sister in 5 years. It sucks for my sister and I. I lost most of my high school friends when I started my transition, but there’s a few that stuck around.

Further more how do your friends and family feel about you making porn?  Do you think they would feel different if you were a man in porn?
Family is cool with it, they’re very “whatever you’re going to do, be the best at it”. My friends hated it at first and thought it was trashy. I’m sure they still talk shit about it, but they’re still in Atlanta and I can’t be bothered with all that. I don’t really know how they’d feel if I was a man in porn,  but I’d still do it anyway.

Why did you choose to get into porn?
I’ve always been interested in it. I was a bit of a porn addict before I started having sex. The money, success, and “fame” doesn’t really hurt either.

Once you made the decision to get into the adult industry what steps did you take to make it happen?  Were you able to find the support and help you needed or did you pretty much do this on your own?
I e-mailed Wendy Williams who I had met prior while competing in a National Pageant. I also e-mailed Buddy Wood, because he was the only director who’s name I knew because of watching some Kimber James video on YouTube. I never really watched transsexual porn (I’m a fan of straight porn), so I was going in kind of clueless. Wendy gave me some very helpful advice and Buddy immediately asked me when I was going to be in Hollywood so we could set up a shoot. I flew out a week later, we shot and I blew up on Shemaleyum.com. THEN I met Morgan Bailey and she kind of took me under her wing and helped me meet a lot of important people. I did do a lot on my own, but without Morgan, Buddy and Wendy I don’t think I could have done it as well.


What or who is your inspiration in adult entertainment?
Kimber james and Bailey Jay because of they’re success and talent. But mostly Jennifer Paris even though she doesnt do porn, she’s elegant, classy and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Her photos are AMAZING.

Congratulations on Shemale Yum Model of the year and Best New Model in 2010!  What other goals if any have you set for yourself in the industry?
I would like to win an XBIZ award and obviously an AVN. I wouldn’t mind crossing over into straight porn a little bit and try to change the way people see Transsexuals.

As shemale/tranny porn is becoming more popular and more competitive what sets you apart from the others?
I think my looks and ambition. Most of the new girls have no idea what they’re doing or have the wrong attitude coming in. I have goals and a lot of drive. I also offer a very realistic look, I’m passable, petite, nice ass, perky real boobs (that could be bigger) and an all natural face. As for competing…I’m only competing with myself, and I don’t worry about what the other girls are doing.

Other then porn what other careers have you considered?
Modeling, Reality TV (only because I think I’d be a horrible Movie Actress). I think I should have my own makeover show for real girls and T-girls. It’d also be awesome to do Playboy, even though I still have a dick.

Do you feel the government regulation of the adult industry is unfair and a violation of our First Amendment?  If so in what ways do you feel it’s wrong?
I think it’s stupid, because everyone watches porn and the people who are bitching just need to blow a load or squirt or whatever they do. Aren’t there more important things to worry about?

Much of society believes that being an adult entertainer is degrading to women.  What would you say to these people?
These women weren’t beaten and dragged in there to make porn. They signed up for it and obviously enjoy it. And, don’t women get paid more?

Outside of the business how would you describe yourself and what do you like to do in your free time?
A stoner homebody. I’m serious…I pretty much work, shop, smoke, drink and chill. I only go out if I have to. I worked in clubs 4 nights a week for 4 years, and I’m kind of over all that. I don’t mind going out to dinner or to a bar every now and then.

As strange as you may find this question we want to know when did you start using the ladies room instead of the men’s room?
Whenever I was out in public as a drag queen, I used the girl’s room. Then, as soon as I started living as a girl, I only used to girl’s restroom.

Do you want to live the “American Dream”, married, children, etc?
I think I kind of do already… My kids are just a dog and a cat.

When it comes to your personal life what kind of man turns you on?
Tall, dark hair, light eyes. I love to see men who are in shape. I prefer muscular. Tattoos are a total turn on, as well.

What are your favorite charities and why?
AID Atlanta. They offer free HIV testing at their clinics.

What message would you like to give others considering making the transition?
If you feel it’s right, it’s obviously right. Stay strong and do whatever makes you happy.

Further more what would you say to those that are considering entering the adult business?
Watch your back at all times. Don’t try to be the next what’s her face, and be the one and only You!

Lastly are you familiar with Tony Batman and A Entertainment News?  If so what do you think of the site?
I am now.

Domino Presley


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