Monica’s Mayhem: Life In Sydney Australia And The Press

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Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News has missed our Monica Mayhem stories as of late, but happy day today, she just told us whats been going on over in Sydney Australia, Read the part about the press…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been completely caught up in not only organizing a wedding, a new home back in Sydney, and co-ordinating my stuff back in LA, which, I really don’t want to talk about. It’s not as simple as ‘I quit porn, and moved on’. It was a whole lot of, chasing up checks not paid to me for final shoots, closing accounts, finalizing deals, and other personal things. Including the unbelievable agony of all the quarantine requirements for my cat. I’m leaving him with a friend in LA for 3 months rather than have him in Australia in a cage for 4 months!

So as Every major newspaper in Australia would describe me as ‘From porn queen to vets wife’. Well that may be true, but that’s not all I’m doing. I’m not just a housewife. Though it’s hard to describe exactly what I’ve been doing since I got here other than media interviews, canceling my life in America, organizing a wedding and building a new home. And my husband, well, he owns an animal hospital, and is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Australia. He does major surgeries to save animals. And a lot of people respect and love him for saving their pets lives. Great human being, but not your average vet! Hehe.   Monica’s Marriage Story

Since I have moved back to Sydney, I’ve done nothing but socialize, travel, do press interviews, finalize my business and belongings in LA, and get married. Which, has all kept me extremely busy. And now, I just have a couple more social engagements over the next two months, before I can commit to finding an agent out here, and look for some mainstream work. Though you may still see me in certain men’s magazines including Hustler 2011. But I’m hoping to pursue my love of acting, hosting, and music.

So if you follow me on twitter, it may seem that my life has been one big eating and drinking fest since I’ve left Hollywood. Some fights have broken out around me, the usual Aussie pub lifestyle. I’ve almost got in a few fights myself, by filthy attitudes from bitches. And although that is true, however, that is just the break I’ve needed for the longest time. The Townsville bulletin just wrote a little negative piece on me saying I was up there ‘recruiting’ girls, which was not true, I was there purely on a business meeting discussing a tour of Far North QLD. And the ‘Daily Telegraph’ Australia, wrote a nice piece about my marriage a couple of weeks ago, but then today, abused my name by saying that I quoted ‘All Sydney girls were superficial and cheap’, which I never actually said. I did however say, that it was hard to make friends here, particularly in Eastern suburbs, because most of the people who grew up here, grew up with money, and I’ve come from nothing to something (new money) which is completely different and I’m still who I’ve always been. Most girls in Sydney tend to stick with their own little cliques.

Anyway, I’ve been extremely busy though it’s nothing to do with porn, just day to day stuff. But I’m working on ideas. Trying to figure out what’s next. And when I finally settle in, back to Aussie life. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out soon enough!

FYI, if you have an Amazon account, I’d really appreciate a nice review of my book ‘Absolute Mayhem’. One guy seemed to write mine off to promote Tera Patricks book,  which seemed a  tad strange considering I’ve had nothing but rave reviews since it’s oct 09 Australian release! Anyway, I’d appreciate any help and will offer a free signed 8×10 poster for doing so!

Xoxo mon

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