Tony Batman Eats: Betty’s Lunchbox Schofield Wisconsin Was Not Trash

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Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- Schofield, WI- Let’s begin with saying if there is drama in a town we are going to somehow we will end up in the middle of it.  We were trying to find the hometown lunch favorite of Schofield Wisconsin and there were two choices in one area on Grand Avenue, which is the main drag or strip of the Northern Wisconsin city.

We made the phone calls, scoured the hotel, knocked on doors and gathered a nice little crew of people from the Miss Nude Wisconsin Pageant that we were hosting at the Grand Daddy’s Club in the town. At our table we had Nikki Drake, her girlfriend, Angelica Lane, Ass Dragon, Ricky Rich and Jon Denver, an eclectic group of dinners to say the least.

We picked Betty’s Lunch mostly because of its name.  We drove by the little dinner type restaurant a few times before we went in on the last day of the contest. It was a tossup between the 5-Star Dinner and Betty’s. We picked the latter because Ricky Rich said it would be a good idea, your killing us Ricky is the phrase we normally utter after listening to his advice.

Only later did we find out they were being cited by the police for running an illegal salvage yard on the property behind the place. We did not see anything and it looked ok to us. We were thinking afterword that they thought we were spies for the city. We always seem to find the place that is in the news no matter what town we are in.  Well let us talk about what happened inside.

The menu was country basic as far as we could tell; open faced sandwiches, Chicken noodle soup, Chili, and our favorite chicken salads. The one thing that was very different about the lunch is that instead of French fries, you could get fried cheese curds in their place. If you are the one person that does not know that Wisconsin is the cheese state well you should be ashamed.. These cheese curds are, from what I understand, the little ball type curds that rise to the top of the liquid when cheese is made, I am not a big cheese expert so please send your comments telling me if I am wrong. Then they sell them in small bags or fry them up and then they taste sort of like a small fried cheese stick.

Everyone at the table seemed to have something different for lunch that day. Ass Dragon had the blue plate lunch special roast beef sandwich and cheese curds, Ricky Rich had some sort of double cheese burger that came on a hoagie roll, it was huge, and by the way, Ricky being the only Wisconsin resident at the table, passed on the friend cheese curds opting for a cup of chicken and dumplings that looked so good it made the table jealous of him.

Angelica got some sort of chicken sandwich and Jon Denver ordered something that looked similar to that, Nikki and her friend Jenn both ordered chicken strips and cheese curds and I ordered something called a Bacon Chicken Salad which by the way was awesome. I did not get cheese curds but tried some of everyone else’s.

The food was pretty good for a small diner type place, I tried to squeeze the history of the place out of out of our waitress but there was not much help coming from her or the two local guys that seemed to be watching us eat every bite of our meal, “You’re not from around here” always seem to come up in the conversation when we go out to eat at our gigs.

What we do know is that Betty has passed on, this is the second coming of the restaurant and for some reason we were in the Weston Township and not Schofield when we crossed the street to eat there. This had no meaning to me until I noticed that they were have a slight disagreement with the town about something they were voting on and posted a sign saying so near the register.

We had a good time at Betty’s Lunch but I like to call it Betty’s Lunch Box because we like to add box whenever we can to anything we do, it’s just sexier.  The next time you’re in Weston or Schofield Wisconsin stop into Betty’s for lunch and tell them Tony Batman sent you, I think you get a free desert or you get a long blank stare from the waitress, I can’t remember what they told us…

Click on the photo for a larger viewing size, feel free to download and use again, we love that kind of thing

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  1. Jon Dennverxxx says:

    Had a blast at Bettys, Although I was concerned with the Bettys it turned out to be pretty good. Could not believe the stares we did get. I’m glad we never got seperated. Im pretty sure the movie Wrong Turn woulda came into play at some point. Had such a great time at Grand Daddys event. Can’t wait until next one.

  2. Tony Batman says:

    Loved having you there Jon Denver, you are my hero and your hyperactivity while holding a video camera is surpassed by none… LOL

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